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CBSE UGC NET Previous Year 2012-2013 Solved Question Paper Environmental Science Paper-II

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A the minimum water content of the soil at which plants can no longer obtain water B water holding capacity C capillary water D field capacity
Which one of the following techniques can be used for determining the level of cadmium in soil A UV Visible spectrophotometer B Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer C XRD D IR spectrometer
For noise control in automobiles, the exhaust muffler attenuates sound by A Absorption B Destructive interference C Reducing velocity of hot gases D Absorption and destructive interference
D He4
Assertion A Natural gas is a very attractive ecofriendly fuel. Reason R It produces few pollutants and less carbon dioxide per unit energy than any other fossil fuel on combustion. Identify the correct answer Codes A Both A and R are true and R is the correct explanation of A . B Both A and R are true and R is not the correct explanation of A . C A is true but R is false. D A is false but R is true. Assertion A Solar photovoltaic cells are expensive. Reason R Solar photovoltaic cells are fabricated from