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CBSE UGC NET Previous Year 2012-14 Solved Question Papers Forensic Science Paper-III (June-Dec)

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Publisher Faculty Notes
Author: Panel of Experts
Number of Pages 114
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1. The book entitled An Introduction to Criminalistics was written by a. Hans Gross b. Soderman c. Paul Kirk d. Osterburg OHara Answer d 2. Following are the essential points in a proper sketch of scene of crime a. North direction b. Scale c. Legend d. All of the above Answer d 3. The suitable control sample in case of blood stained soil is usually taken within the distance of from spot. a. 3 inches b. 1 foot c. 2 feet d. 3 feet Answer a 4. In an aircrash case, the following method of survey is most useful. a. Strip method b. Spiral method c. Zonal method
d. Wheel method Answer d 5. Match the following List-I
a. William Herschel
a. Forensic Ballistics
b. Osborn
b. Forensc Anthropology
c. Krogman
c. Finger print
d. Hatcher
d. Questioned document
A B C D a.
3 4 2 1