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CBSE UGC NET Previous Year 2004-2015 Unsolved Question Paper Management Paper-III(June-Dec)

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Publisher Faculty Notes
Author: Panel of Experts
Number of Pages 533
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and standardisation, plus the introduction of piecework incentive system, Taylor was able to demonstrate large increases in worker productivity The thrust of scientific management was to simplify jobs for the economic benefits of organisation Specialisation would result in leading to greater productivity if the jobs are simplified through job redesigning. Further, selection and training procedures would also be less elaborate and less expensive BusiTif ss world has undergone tremendous change after the era of Taylor's scientific management In the coming times, the Tlf W capabilities unleashed by the Infonnation Age will lead to substantially new fonns of marking and business The industrial age was characterised by mass production and mass consumption, stores overstuffed with inventory, ads everywhere and rampant discounting The Infonnation Age promises to lead to more accurate levels of production,more targeted communications and more relevant pricing. On the basis of the above passage answer the following questionsifonf'l t" r4'H r t1'-l f P 'f - 11 ' 4 tT'-l r r1T t" 'f1 ' .li f -'-11 ' 1 4 -l ft"' Rl" tTrl 'tw'l '1 4 5l"'-l
VFH-i'P-1 fi o-'i'i it 'fl W m it '-"' ij ln .ifq f .rr 'l i1 -i 1 1 5l'f r E"t f 1mif t '1Fl t" r ij WWI ' 1 2 '1 4 if'li'f nw-ilf -fi r 'f'fW-1 ' 4 f -r 5l'J- 'H' Tot rf"'"'-11 t'f f'f tfn l f t"'-11 '-11 f .rni't if"i '1 '-"' m .r '11 5l s1f t V..IT'l'-1 w I'-i'P i'i .vi'r ' 1 WI'- ' 4 f -r 5l'l- 'H i't w il'-11 lif i'j EP-i n .JT t" 'f , ToT'- I r1T t" 'f ' 4 ' EP-i m nfm ' JrU--iT R WW .JT t'f 'V'l t it, 'H Kfq t i f'ff E"ffi ij 5li'-nf'H qf , Wf r i'j n n l' 1 if lf'l t" I4'H t1 I'J 1 it,- fi o'l t i51T t' f' T r it, f 'W t1'-l t1 n .Jtq, l t"H '-111 f t- m m .m a i f'ff t"ffi rw n t ci '-If tP-l t11-'i f .rr 'l t i't n .Jtq, l t" f '-11 .V'-11 nN tT, WH '1 4'fl rf"'"'-11 ,11 t"'l f'f Jil '1 4 t"'l w i"c til 1 z, , i't ifonf'l t" r4'H ' f' i't "W'o Til v-W-i'P-1 .r 11 il 5li'-nf'a 'ff ml'l m ffl 5lr r w ' f nw-1 il fl il'll ' ' w .V'Iil '1'-iT nm W n f ff f 'l '1 4 vHnP-1 i't '1 '-"' nn r m'l 1 WDf t ' ' tt f i"W- m 5l1 il q--1 "lqr r ' i i'IT 'l '1 4 q--1 "lqr r ' Pit' , Jl e-nf'a , w m, i -- .r t" f'f7 'f'l 1'-11 n fvri il2 -IT 1 J il'l ' ' i f'ff 'l RH it .m a n t- l r "''-- ilwr lim il'-11 .m a rrfif t 'F''-1 t1 lif '-f i 't" ffi ' " 1 "f'f ru t H it 5ll'H ' f'lkl Wfi t1 rn cif .n 1
' "
J -1705
What are the main features of the scientific management if lf'f E CF i'H 1 , I'J 1 WV I W.f 'if
What is the importaru e of time and motion study in scientific management if lf'f t" I f'H
J -1705

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