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CBSE Sample Question Papers Chemistry With Solutions Class 12

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Publisher Faculty Notes
Author: Panel of Experts
Number of Pages 27
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About this eBook

- Value Based Questions may be asked from any unit chapter topic. - It will carry 3-5 marks.
Maximum Marks 70
General Instructions 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.
All questions are compulsory. Question No. 1-8 are very short answer questions and carry 1 mark each. Question No. 9-18 are short answer questions and carry 2 marks each. Question No. 19-27 are also short answer questions and carry 3 marks each. Question No. 28-30 are long answer questions and carry 5 marks each. Use log tables if necessary, use of calculators is not allowed.
Q.1 Bond enthalpy of fluorine is lower than that of chlorine, why Q.2 Give the IUPAC name of the following compound
O On increasing temperature, activation energy of a reaction decreases, why
Q 4 Which of the following is most effective electrolyte in the coagulative of AgI Ag sol K2SO4, MgCl2, K4 Fe CN 6 Q.5 Write the reaction when glucose is heated with excess of HI. Q.6 Which Xe compound has distorted octahedral shape Q.7 What is the denticity of co-ordination compound used for the treatment of lead Poisoning Q.8 An alkoxide is a stronger base than hydroxide ion. Justify. Q.9 a State the law which helps to determine the limiting molar conductivity of weak electrolyte. b Calculate limiting molar conductivity of CaSO4 limiting molar conductivity of 2 -1 calcium and sulphate ions are 119.0 and160.0 S cm mol respectively . -3

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