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CBSE Class 12th Biology Question Paper With Solution 2016

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Publisher Faculty Notes
Author: Panel of Experts
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The introduction of DNA was such that it produced both sense and antisense RNA into the host cells. These two RNAs being complementary to each other formed a double stranded RNA that initiated RNA i b In conventional pest control method, natural predators and parasites. EX - Bacillus thuringenesis are used to eliminate pest with minimal harm to the ecological balance of the environment. The use of agrochemicals fertilizers pesticides improve varieties of crops.
Ans 19.
Selectable markers in the coming vectors pBR322 Ampicillin resistance antibiotics
These help to recognise the transformation of desirable gene DNA introduced in host bacterium. b B-galactosidase is preferred over selectable marker because due to inactivation of antibiotics, selection of recombinant become some process because it requires simultaneous plating having different antibiotics. Thus those enzymatic markers are used to differentiate recombinants and nonrecombinants on the basis of their ability to produce colour in the presence of a chromogenic substance. If the plasmid in the bacterium does not have an insert, the presence of a chromogenic substrate give blue coloured colony.
CBSE Class 12th Biology Question Paper With Solution 2016
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Publisher Faculty Notes
Author Panel of Experts
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