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imbuing them with a humanitarian content. E. Terror is a phenomenon, not an entity either State or non-State. 1 ECDBA 2 BECDA 3 EBCAD 4 CEBDA
The Princeton Review CAT sample paper
A. I am much more intolerant of a human being s shortcomings than I am of an animal s, but in this respect I have been lucky, for most of the people I have come across have been charming. B. Then you come across the unpleasant human animal the District Officer who drawled, We chaps are here to help you chaps, and then proceeded to be as obstructive as possible. C. In these cases of course, the fact that you are an animal collector helps people always seem delighted to meet someone with such an unusual occupation and go out of their way to assist you. D. Fortunately, these types are rare, and the pleasant ones I have met more than compensated for them but even so, I think I will stick to animals. E. When you travel round the world collecting animals you also, of necessity, collect human beings. 1 EA CBD 2 ABDCE 3 ECBDA 4 ACBDE
A. Four days later, Oracle announced its own bid for PeopleSoft, and invited the firm's board to a discussion. B. Furious that his own plans had been endangered, PeopleSoft's boss, Craig Conway, called Oracle's offer "diabolical", and its boss, Larry Ellison, a sociopath". C. In early June, PeopleSoft said that it would buy J .D. Edwards, a smaller rival. D. Moreover, said Mr. Conway, he could imagine no price nor combination of price and other conditions to recommend accepting the offer." E. On June 12th, PeopleSoft turned Oracle down. 1 CABDE 2 CADBE 3 CEDAB 4 CAEBD
A. A few months ago I went to Princeton University to see what the young people who are going to be running our country in a few decades are like. B. I would go to sleep in my hotel room around midnight each night, and when I awoke, my mailbox would be full of replies sent at 1 15 a.m., 2 59 a.m., 3 23 a.m. C. One senior told me that she went to bed around two and woke up each morning at seven she could afford that much rest because she had learned to supplement her full day of work by