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Tone and Content of the Message, Communicate for Present as well for the Future, Ensure Proper Feedback and be a Good Listener.
Unit 8 Controlling q Concept and Importance. q Relationship between Planning and Controlling. q Steps in the Process of Control.
Periods 14
Self Explanatory.
Part B Business Finance and Marketing Unit 9 Financial Management Periods 22 q Concept and Objective of Financial Management. q Financial Decisions Investment, Financing and Dividend Meaning and Factors affecting. q Financial Planning Concept and Importance. q Capital Structure Concept. q Fixed and Working Capital Concept and Factors affecting its Requirements. Factors Affecting Capital Budgeting Decisions Cash Flows of the Project, the Rate of Return, Investment Criteria Involved. Factors Affecting Financing Decision-Cash Flow Position of the Company, Cost, Risk, Floatation Costs, Fixed Operating Costs, Control Considerations, State of the Capital Market, Return on Investment, Tax Rate, Flexibility, Regulatory Framework. Factors Affecting Dividend Decision-Amount of Earnings, Stability of Earnings, Stability of Dividends, Growth Opportunities, Cash Flow Position, Shareholder s Preference, Taxation
CO BL PY ICA RI TI GH ON T S Policy, Stock Market Reaction, Access to Capital Market, Legal Constraints, Contractual Constraints. Factors Affecting Fixed Capital Requirement Nature of Business, Scale of Operations, Choice of Technique Technology Upgradation, Growth Prospects, Diversification, Financing Alternatives, Level of Collaboration. Working Capital-Concept of Operating Cycle, Factors Affecting Working Capital Requirement. Nature of Business, Scale of Operations,