Buddhas Tooth - A Thailand Adventure

Buddhas Tooth - A Thailand Adventure
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About the Book

Some people are born to be heroes. Some people earn it through years of trying. Allow me to introduce you to three likely lads who had heroism strangely dropped on their heads. Please enjoy the first adventures of Nicholas (Nick) Godfrey, Stuart, (Stu) Wilson, and Peter Harris (Spock). Three unattached, English, horny, mid thirty-year-old lads on holiday, as they almost battle against evil forces, almost rescue damsels in distress and almost save a country from total destruction. They definitely do however, drink copious amounts of amber fluid and have lots of horizontal fun. The story is set mostly in the amazing city of Pattaya, located on the Eastern Seaboard of Thailand. Lush green palm trees, crystal clear waters, warm golden sand and herds of buffalo wandering aimlessly over grassy meadows, you won’t find there. However, chrome pole molesters, Go-Go dancers, ogling dens, cheap amber fluid and beautiful, accommodating women more than make up for it. Follow their hilarious antics through the many stages of intoxication; from ‘juiced’ through ‘spannered’ and ‘shitfaced’ up to the ultimate stage of being totally ‘wankered’, as they unknowingly enter into a chase between good and evil for the recovery of an ancient holy relic. Enter into a diverse culture of South East Asian people, whose attitudes, traditions, and lives, have, and always will, remain a mystery to the Western world. So, unless you like stories about buffaloes, please read on and enjoy Siam Storm, an absolute must read survival guide for anyone travelling to ‘The Land of Smiles’.