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Bhagavada Gita By Swami Anubhavanada

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Publisher Indra Publishing
ISBN 9789382560272
Author: Swami Anubhavanada
Number of Pages 201
Available in all digital devices
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About this eBook

Arjuna a valiant warrior well versed in the art of the Atma yoga, yet he comes under seize of stress at the most crucial moment of his life while two armies are face to face to fight out a fierce and decisive battle. Arjuna gets noosed in his own self created snare of thoughts while beholding Kurus when Sri Krishna drew up the chariot in the midst of both the armies on request from Arjuna.
Anyone who so ever he may be though well versed in the art Atma yogaKrishna-Krishna conscience can get afflicted with stress when the memory of the self as- the Atma elopes from the mind. Arjuna s awareness of the lapse to retrieve the self from the stress prompted him to open up his stressed mind to his close friend and bonafide Guru- Sri Krishna.
Arjuna showed great courage, conviction and strong burning desire to retrieve the self from the stress by seeking advice in full view and presence of the entire assemblage of rulers and warriors in both the armies. Bhagavada-gita -the most revered spiritual scripture retrieves Arjuna- a symbolic for stressed human mind at its boiling point. Bhagavada-gita deals with the science of the mind. And, the domain of the emotional and intellectual stress is in the human mind. The words of wisdom from Sri Krishna de-stressed Arjuna from his stressed mind. Since then, Bhagavada-gita is de-stressing the human mind.
Bhagavada-gita is a spiritual Guru for the humanity to earn bliss- zero stress in the mind. Bhagavada-gita is not against materialism. Arjuna earned and lived a materialistic affluent life in bliss- zero stress. All those who earned success with zero stress, they earned by imbibing the sutras from spiritual scriptures.
Bhagavada-gita is an epitome of Atma yoga, Karma yoga and Bhakti yoga. This book takes you on a captivating journey through Atma yoga, Karma yoga and Bhakti yoga. One can choose the path as per his own psyche and mindset to destress the self with ease just by imbibing the sutras. Shankaracharya declares6
Bhagavada Gita An art to de-stress the self
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Anyone who can digest even one verse of Bhagavada-gita anyone who can drink even one drop of Gangajal anyone who can offer obeisance to Krishna even once from his inner core of the mind and heart then that person crosses the barrier of the Kaal- the Time and Death and attains Samadhi- the ecstatic bliss.