Be A Winner

Be A Winner

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Publisher V&S Publishers All Leisure Read books by V&S Publishers
ISBN 9789350572177
Author: O. P. Sharma
Number of Pages 135
Available in all digital devices
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Be A Winner by O. P. Sharma.
Book Summary:

Life is full of ups and downs. While we exhilarate in the ups, we are totally at a loss when it comes to dealing with the downs. This book has been specifically designed to help you turn the tide in your favour in the face of odds. Each day is a fresh day - look at it with hope and enthusiasm, yesterday is over. Whatever the situation, you can make the best of things by the right approach: *If you wish to rise in your career, begin liking your work. *If you wish to excel, have a healthy approach to criticism. *If you want to scare away failures, preserve your peace of mind in the face of heavy odds. *If you desire a happy married life, learn to respect your spouse. The book covers the entire gamut of social,personal and professional situations and guides you how to come out a winner with hundreds of real-life examples from: *Lincoln * Munshi Prem Chand *Gandhi *Churchill *Napoleon *Marie Curie and many more......presenting inspiring 'lives and times' for you to follow.

Audience of the Book :
This book Useful for Leisure Read.
Table of Contents:

1. Are You Afraid of Your Mistakes?

2. Put Your Emotions to Work

3. How to Like Your Work

4. Do Not Be Afraid of Criticism

5. Turn Failure into Success

6. The Miraculous Power of Imagination

7. Poise is Power

8. Get Rid of the Tyranny of Bad Habits

9. Your Personality is Your Fortune

10. What Enthusiasm Can do for You

11. Youth is No Folly

12. Don't Foster an Emotional Scar

13. Why Great Men are Great

14. Are You Unconventional?

15. Make Your Mind Behave

16. You Can Hit the Target

17. How to Capitalize on Your Mistakes

18. Tact Triumphs Over Talent

19. The Tonic of Courage and Faith

20. Your Decision is Your Destiny

21. The Anatomy of Success

22. Ambition—The Spur to Success

23. Don't Be a Grievance Collector

24. Rewards of Right Thinking

25. How to enjoy your work

26. Rewards of Creative Living

27. Learn The Magic Power of Words

28. Need to Spread Moral Sunshine

29. Is Your Marital Boat Sailing Smoothly?

30. Way to Cultural Excellence

31. Cancer of Corruption