Basics Of Engineering Mathematics Vol-I

Basics Of Engineering Mathematics Vol-I Basics Of Engineering Mathematics Vol-I Sample PDF Download
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Basics Of Engineering Mathematics Vol-I
Book Summary:

The subject matter is presented in a very systematic and logical manner. Every endeavour has been made to make the contents as simple and lucid as possible. Emphasis has been laid on making the concepts clear. A lot of pains and concentration on the part of the author have gone in solving the examples in the best possible way. In providing the solution of the problems, care has been taken not to miss even minor step so that the students can follow the subject even without the guidance of the teacher.

Key Features:

The main features of the book are as follows:

1. Keeping in view of the new examination scheme, more than 500 Objective Questions are included at the end of each exercise in this revised edition.

2. The book contains fairly large number of solved examples from question papers of examinations recently conducted by different universities and engineering colleges so that the students may not find any difficulty.

Table of Contents:

1. Recaptulation of mathematics

a. Basics of differentiation
b. Roll’s and lagrange’s theorem
c. Tangents and normals
d. indefinite integrals
e. integration by substitution and integration using trigonometric identity
f. Integration by parts
g. definite integral

2. Ordinary derivatives & applications

a. Ordinary derivatives
b. Expansion of functions
c. Curvature
d. curve tracing

3. Partial derivatives and applications

a. Partial differentiation
b. Total differential coefficient
c. Maxima and minima of function of two variables
d. Jacobians
e. Approximation of errors

4. Integral calculus

a. Definite integrals
b. Beta and gamma functions

5. Application of Integral Calculus

a. Multiple integral
b. Change of variables, Change of order of Integration
c. Area, volume and surface
d. Triple integration
e. Volume by triple integration