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Basic Environmental Sciences for Under Graduates

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Publisher Vayu Education
ISBN 9789383758272
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About this eBook

nvironmental science is more than just an academic subject, it is an interdisciplinary field. The environmental problems we face today are many. They include human population growth, deforestation, pollution, rising demands for non-renewable resources, toxic effects of hazardous chemicals, global climate change, and ozone depletion. Managing environmental hazards has become very important. The Honorable Supreme Court of India directed the UGC to introduce a basic course on environmental education for undergraduate courses in all disciplines, to be implemented by every university in the country. We have tried to identify major issues and give appropriate examples and case studies that illustrate the complex interactions that are characteristic of all environmental problems. There are many facts presented, figures that help to illustrate the scope of environmental issues. This book is intended as a text for a one-semester, introductory course for students of Undergraduate courses of all Universities. They will find it interesting and informative. This book is divided into eight chapters. It is organized to provide an even, logical flow of concepts and to provide clear illustrations of the major environmental issues of today. The entire UGC syllabus and supplementary materials are in the eight chapters. Chapter 1 describes the multidisciplinary nature of environmental studies. Chapter2 Comprehensively elaborate the forest, water, minerals, food, energy and land resources. Chapter 3 discusses the concepts of ecosystem. Chapter 4 explains various aspects of biodiversity. Chapter 5 is a description of environmental pollution, its sources, effects and control measures. Issues on environment and health, human rights, AIDS, women child welfare and role of IT industry have been addressed in great length in Chapter 6 and 7, Chapter 8 includes Field Work. Key features of this book include, simple, to the point and latest account of each and every topic and various case studies.
Content Table of Cont ent s Preface
Chapter 1 Multidisciplinary nature of Environmental Studies 1 1.1 Multidisciplinary nature of Environmental Studies 1 1.1.1 Natural 2 1.1.2 Man made or Anthropogenic Environment 2 1.2 Scope of Environmental Studies 2 1.3 Importance of Environmental Education 3 1.4 Environmental Issues of Global Concern 3 1.5 Values of Nature

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