Bank Clerk Vijaya Bank Solved Sample Previous Year Paper 2010

Bank Clerk Vijaya Bank Solved Sample Previous Year Paper 2010 Bank Clerk Vijaya Bank Solved Sample Previous Year Paper 2010 Sample PDF Download
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jumped with joy when he saw the contents. The family promptly gathered its belongings and returned to the village. There was great excitement when they told everyone how they got rich. Mahadev thought this was a nice quick way to earn some money He commanded his family to pack some clothes and they set off as if on a journey. They stopped under the same tree and Mahadev started commanding everyone as Mihir had done. But no one in his family was willing
to obey orders. They were used to 4 In his hurry to run away he having servants wait on them - so the forgot to take the valuables one who went to the river to fetch waalong. ter had a nice bath. The one who went 5 He was confident that they to gather wood for the fire went off to were so well hidden that they sleep beneath the tree. And Mahadev would not be found. only ordered everyone about, not con154. Which of the following best deversation that they had rehearsed scribes Mahadev carefully. Mahadev's wife said, "Every 1 He was a rich businessman. thing is ready. But what shall we eat 2 He bullied his wife so she " Mahadev raised his hands upwards obeyed him. and said, "Don't worry. He is watch 3 He paid his servants well to ing all this from above. He will help look after his family's needs. us". 4 He w a s g r e e d y and had At this, the thief jumped down cheated Mihir. from the tree, knife in hand. Seeing 5 He was brave and decided to him, everyone started running helter trick the thief. skelter to save themselves. The thief 155. Why did Mihir's family return to stole everything. Mahadev and his family had to return to the village emptythe village handed, having lost all the jewellery 1 To show off their new found and gold they had taken with them. wealth. 151. Which of the following cannot be 2 To buy back their land and said about Mihir's family