Analog Electronics

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Analog Electronics

Publisher: PHI Learning
ISBN: 9788120327849
Number of Pages: 376
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About The Book Analog Electronics
Book Summary:

The recent growth of industrial automation as well as wireless communication has made the Analog Electronics course even more relevant in today's undergraduate programmes. This well-written text offers a comprehensive introduction to the concepts of circuit analysis, electronic devices and analog integrated circuits. The primary aim of this textbook is to raise the analytical skills of students, required for the analysis and design of analog electronic circuits.
This book exposes the students to the current trends in Analog Electronics including the complete analysis and design of electronic circuit using Diodes, BJTs, FETs, MOSFETs, CMOS and operational amplifiers.

Key Features:

• Presents various models/equivalent circuits of semiconductor devices required for analysis and simulations.
• Incorporates PSPICETM modelling and simulation examples in each chapter.
• Each chapter starts with an Introduction and specific learning objectives, and concludes with a summary.
• Each chapter contains large number of worked-out examples, exercises and numerical problems.

Primarily intended for the undergraduate students of Electrical, Electronics, Communication and Computer Engineering, this book would also be useful to the practising engineers, who wish to update their knowledge in the area of Analog Electronics Circuit Design.

Table of Contents:

From the Editor's Desk



Notations Used in this Book.

1. Review of Basic Devices and Circuits.
2. Field Effect Transistors.
3. Small Signal Models.
4. Frequency Response of Small Signal Amplifiers.
5. Large Signal Amplifiers.
6. Feedback Amplifiers
7. Operational Amplifiers


A. History of Devices
B. Two-port Network Parameters.
C. Introduction to PSPICETM.
D. Electrostatic Potential and Charge Distribution in Silicon.
E. Table of Constants and Standards.




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