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Agriculture For IBPS PO/SO Question Bank With Solution

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Protein content of soybean is a 41 b 20 c 30 d 10 Among the oilseed crops mostly used food oil in India is
a Soybean b Sun flower
c Ground nut d Mustard 52. Which protein of sugarcane is stalk is prepared to sowing purpose
a Top one third 1 2 protein
b To 1 4 protein
c Bottom 1 4 protein
d Bottom 1 3 to 1 2 protein 53. Sugar beet belong to the janaty
a Chenopodiaceae b Cruciferi
c Gramineae d Lilliaceae 54. The seed rate of cotton would be -kg ha, if he planting geometry is 75 50 cm and test weight, germ 4-2 purity are 100 is 90, 95 respectively.
a 3.29 b 3.38
c 5.58 d 4.29 55. Delinting of cotton seed may be done with b Nitric acid
a H2SO4
c Cidnit acid d Hydrochloric acid 56. The optimum time of sowing for capsulaus jute is
a March-April

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