Agriculture Extension and Mass Communication

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There is a significant event took place that epitomized the power of the emerging role of the media in the modern world. With each year that passes, the mass media and the various means of communication available to us exert a greater and more direct impact upon our cultures, societies, economies, and everyday lives. The media and the means of communication have grown in importance and influence. The ubiquitous nature of old and new media in world and new agricultural technologies developed in past years can be used by extension workers in India. There is a revolutionary changes in mass media, globally speaking, have occurred with the arrival of the satellite communication and ushering in of the internet age. Besides, radical transformation brought in printing technology, ably supported by computers, the dawn of facsimile and e-mail have completely altered the mass media scene in the entire world. Every medium of mass communication has assumed tremendous potential and immense power to become an effective science and art and a veritable academic discipline. It is, therefore, bounden responsibility of the Universities to provide adequately modern facilities for teaching and research in these ever developing programmes. Agricultural development is indispensable for sustainable agricultural production. Agriculture is becoming increasingly information sensitive. Information and communication has
become an increasingly powerful tool for improving the delivery of basic services and enhancing local development opportunities. The success of the transfers of information to the ultimate users is usually done through the use of mass media which is increasingly becoming a veritable instrument for transforming Indian agriculture. Information flow in farmers through traditional and ICT applications is important through. It provided knowledge of new and advanced agricultural technology to them. transfer. Radio is the most used mass media source for farm information by the farmers relative to television, print and telephone. The major constraints to use of mass media for farm information include lack and inconsistent supply of power, financial constraints, language barrier and time of programme presentation. The use of ICT for farm information is extremely low as it is basically limited to radio broadcast. Sustainable, application of ICT to agricultural technology transfer in India can be realized when such issues as erratic and inconsistent power supply, enhancement of farmers knowledge of and access to telephone and internet facilities, sponsorship of agriculture radio and television programmes in the local languages by NGOs and others, and adequate funding of extension organizations to enable them acquire ICT components, are sufficiently addressed. It is suggested that more efforts should be geared in planning