Agriculture Carriers and Opportunities

Agriculture Carriers and Opportunities Agriculture Carriers and Opportunities Sample PDF Download
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Choosing the right career can be quite tricky at times for both - the students as well as their parents. Most of us go through this question after passing class 12th exams. Career options for students who are pursuing professional courses or vocation courses, is relatively easier but for the rest, a lot of thinking goes into choosing the right option after class 12th. A lot depends on the interest of the student but choice of the career and job prospects also play an integral role in deciding. Besides top paying career options such as MBA, Software, Chartered Accountancy, Journalism, Medical, Advertising, PR and architecture, there are numerous other careers to explore are in the field of Agriculture, Science and Technology. India is among the largest producers of vegetables and fruits in the world and has an equally strong floriculture base. Today India s agriculture has become globalised and the idea of integrating Indian agriculture with the world economy is getting support. India has enormous potential as an exporter of agricultural commodities ranging from mushrooms to flowers, spices, cereals, oilseeds and vegetables. The spurt in government support for export of agri-products has evoked considerable interest among the large business houses which have worked out agreements for technology transfer, marketing tie-ups, and management and trading contacts with leading foreign counterparts. Horticulture with its offshoot floriculture has become a focus of export activity. India s exports of roses, carnations, gladioli, chrysanthemums, jasmine and other tropical plants and flowers are touching new heights. In the field of fruits and vegetables too, India has tremendous export potential. With the commercialisation of agriculture and horticulture there are varied opportunities for salaried jobs as well as entrepreneurship. While salaried jobs with various government and
private concerns provide a regular income, entrepreneurship can generate handsome profits. Landscapers and horticulturists are hired by hotels, health farms, and holiday resorts to beautify their surroundings. Florists and nurseries are doing lucrative business especially in the metropolitan cities. Suburban farmhouses have become important suppliers for the domestic market. Animal Science in the specialty area it you are interested in careers on the science side of agriculture. Animal scientists conduct research designed to improve the production and processing of meats, fish and dairy products. They use biotechnology to study the genetics, nutrition, reproduction, growth, and development of domesticated farm animals. Some animal scientists inspect and grade livestock food products, purchase livestock, or work in technical sales or marketing. As extension agents or consultants, animal scientists advise agricultural producers on how to upgrade animal housing facilities properly, lower mortality rates among their animals, handle waste matter properly, or increase the production of animal products, such as milk or eggs. Agribusiness is a big, business. People with a business background are needed and employed as marketing and merchandising specialists