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ANTARCTICA Where the silence speaks By Dr. Pramod Kumar Purohit

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Publisher Indra Publishing
ISBN 9789382518990
Author: Dr. Pramod Kumar Purohit
Available Available in all digital devices
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About this eBook

Antarctica always mesmerized me because of the
many superlatives and mysteries attached to it. Its wonderful names like continent of extreme, the icy continent, land of penguins, midnight sun, the residence of blizzard and the continent located at the bottom of the world always stimulate my eagerness to know more and more about it. Being a challenge to science this place has always inspired me. I was always keen to have glimpse of that continent and to holiday at once in life. Being a science student, my desire of having glimpse of such an open scientific laboratory further strengthened me. With a remarkable stroke of good fortune, I got an opportunity to involve myself as a scientist of the Indian Antarctic Scientific Expedition. To visit this white continent is a memorable fact for any individual. Antarctica is a continent where the temperature always remains below zero degree and goes down to as low as -89 C, where there is 24 hour day or night endlessly for six months, where blizzards scream like a siren at a speed of over 320km h with thick dense snow which could choke a person to death, where the sea get frozen for miles and miles on which a man can drive heavy vehicles. Antarctica is a land of extremes it is the highest, driest, coldest, windiest continent. It is the last continent to be explored and exploited. The continent about which still least is known has many unusual, interesting and beautiful features. Antarctica is not only a place of curiosity for scientist but
is a place of interest to layman also. Everyone has questions about Antarctica. In many ways Antarctica is a Scientists Paradise . Science is the Principle human activity in Antarctica. The fundamental knowledge gained here is currently being used for practical applications and has potential promise for future applications as well. All creations in their primitive form are borne in the mind of creator. They acquire their actual shape after passing through a wending path of awakening. A faint wish of writing a book lay hidden in some corner, which seemed acquired shape with my visit to Antarctica. Being a witness to the Indian Antarctic Scientific Expedition this is an attempt to put words to live processes that had surpassed creating a permanent imprint in the memory. Inspite of the fact that it is almost impossible to capture the vastness of Antarctica in words. An attempt to wend the memories associated with self-struggle laid the foundation of actualizing the book. The expansion of scientific purview in future is an inevitable fact. This book on one hand ponders over elaborating the historical significance of Antarctica and on other hand