A Textbook of Microbiology

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A Textbook of Microbiology by D.K.Maheshwari
Book Summary:

The fourth edition of the book by incorporating some recent information and three new chapters. Chapter 15 Viruses-I (General Character) is thoroughly revised. Chapter 16 Viruses-II (Plant Viruses, Viroids, Satellites and Virusoids), Chapter 17 Viruses-III (Animal Viruses and Prions) and Chapter 19 (Pharmaceutical Microbiology) have been written as per syllabus or some Colleges/Universities where these are being taught at UG/PG levels.

It has become necessary to provide new materials to the readers due to evolving fast knowledge in different areas of microbiology.This book contains 30 chapters covering a wide range of areas such as general microbiology, agriculture, medical, fermentation, food and dairy including the advanced fields as well. A detailed account of defense mechanism, working of immune system and antigen-antibody interactions have been given. Moreover, epidemiology, parasitism, antimicrobial chemotherapy and important human diseases (protozoan, fungal, bacterial and viral) are described in detail.

Audience of the Book :
This textbook is for UNIVERSITY &COLLEGE STUDENTS IN INDIA & ABROAD. Ecology of microorganisms especially soil, water and air, microbial interactions has been discussed. New chapters has been added.

Table of Contents:

• Introduction

• Classification of Microorganisms

• Methods in Microbiology

• The Microbial Cells: Morphology and Fine Structure

• The Nucleic Acids: DNA and RNA

• Gene: Concepts and Synthesis

• Genetic Code

• Microbial Genetics

• Mutation and Mutagenesis

• Gene Expression and Regulation

• Gene Cloning in Microorganisms: Genetic Engineering

• Microbial Metabolism

• Bacterial Photosynthesis

• Nitrogen Fixation

• Viruses-I: General Characters

• Viruses-II: Plant Viruses and Sub-viral Agents

• Viruses-III: Animal Viruses and Prions Cyanophages and Mycoviruses

• Pharmaceutical Microbiology

• Industrial Microbiology

• Microbiology of Milk, Dairy and Food

• Immunology, Defense Mechanism, Immunity and diagnosis

• The Infectious Diseases: Epidemiology, Parasitism Chemotherapy

• Medical Microbiology-I: Protozoan and Fungal Diseases

• Medical Microbiology-II: Bacterial and Viral Diseases

• Human Cancer

• Cellular Microbiology