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A Handbook for Tenses & Verbs

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Publisher Indra Publishing
ISBN 9789382518709
Author: Dr. Avinash Pratap Shrivastava
Available in all digital devices
  • About the book

About this eBook

Preface A handbook on Tense and Verb is simply a ready to learn book about the different tenses and verbs and their applications. The prime objective of the book is to provide a precise assistance to English Language learner to write and speak better English. The book covers all the aspects of the SENTENCE, TENSE and VERB. It is the first comprehensive descriptive handbook to discuss the TENSES in detail and useful to all level learners Beginners, Intermediate and Advance . Every tense both in the Active voice and the Passive voice is described from structure to sentence construction. Readers are advised to read the chapter to chapter with the cover reading of verbs simultaneously. It is believed that 30 days regular practice places a learner to a comfortable position to speak and write grammatically correct sentences. In the book verb has been described separately, as it is the core of the parts of speech. Learners are suggested to use the verbs and their various forms in their day to day to communication and not to postpone and hesitate to refer the HANDBOOK OF ENGLISH TENSE AND VERB It is only your dedicated endeavour makes you able to write and speak better and correct English. Thank you.
Dr. Avinash Pratap Shrivastava
Contents 1. The Sentence
2. Analysis of Sentences
3. Subject Verb Agreement
4. Tenses
5. Present Tenses
6. Past Tense