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A Comprehensive Approach to English Grammar By Dr. Avinash Pratap Shrivastava

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Publisher Indra Publishing
ISBN 9788192491684
Author: Dr. Avinash Pratap Shrivastava
Available Available in all digital devices
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About this eBook

Preface The pages of this book are the compilation of my classroom facilitation experience of English Language with the students. I believe that language learning is a process and this book will assist you to continue the process of English language learning. The book is titled as A Comprehensive Approach to English Grammar to give the learners an approach and confidence to find a comfortable place to explore English language learning. English Grammar concepts and rules are woven here with simplicity and clarity to provide the reader the most desired confidence to the language. Moreover, it is a workbook to be read and practiced daily with some pages to grasp the concepts of English Language. In India English language has been associated with personality and social status but most of the learners hesitate to communicate in English. The reason is very simple that as the second language they struggle to understand the basic fundamentals of the language. Particularly, at the intermediate level around 15 years age learners mind look for reasons before every sentence construction. Though, the learner is not aware about the fundamentals of the language, so he she evades English speaking people and zone. This book will assist you to have a concrete foundation for English Grammar on which you can develop your own castle of English language and communicate your ideas and thoughts into English language well. Along this book a learner should read and write relentlessly the literature of his or her interest. The literature could be any magazine or book of decent content in English language. A learner should not ignore the listening, which is the one of the most important aspects of language learning. English news channels and Cartoon Channels on the television and interviews are the some of the ways to acquaint with English through listening. I would like to show gratitude to my dear students of Harvest International School, Ludhiana, The Sanskaar Valley School, Bhopal, and The Parvati Radhakishan Fomra 5
A Comprehensive Approach to English Grammar
School PRFS , Mathura for their colossal support and encouragement for me to remain a learner of English language. It is not supposable that in so delicate and difficult an undertaking there should be an entire freedom from errors and oversights. I shall gratefully accept any assistance in helping to correct mistakes. Thank you.
Dr. Avinash Pratap Shrivastava
The Sentence Its Kinds
Content Part - I Functional Grammar Correct Use 1. The Sentence Its Kinds 2. Subject and Predicate 3. Parts of Speech 4. The Noun 5. The Verb 6. The Adjective 7. The Adverb 8. The Pronoun 9. Determiners