• 50 FAQs on Global Warming : know all about global warming and do your bit to limit it
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50 FAQs on Global Warming : know all about global warming and do your bit to limit it

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Publisher TERI Press
ISBN 9788179934524
Author: Himanshi Sharma
Print Enabled 15%
Number of Pages 64
Available Available in all digital devices
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Is global warming same as climate change? What is the greenhouse effect? Which country emits the maximum amount of CO2? What is IPCC? Which areas of the world will be affected the most by global warming? What is the Earth Summit? What is CNG? What can you do to control
global warming?

Know the answers to these, and 42 more frequently asked
questions, on global warming, its various aspects, and impacts.

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Table Of Content

• Global temperature
• Global warming and climate change
• Greenhouse eff ect
• Greenhouse eff ect: good or bad
• Fossil fuels and global warming
• Animals and greenhouse gases
• Rice cultivation and greenhouse eff ect
• Aircrafts and greenhouse eff ect
• Nitrous oxide
• Ozone layer
• Thinning of the ozone layer
• CFCs
• CFCs and the ozone layer
• Chlorine and the ozone layer
• Ozone hole
• Recovery of lost ozone layer
• Ozone layer and 16 September
• Impact of aerosols
• Impact of burning coal
• The Great London Smog
• Acid rain
• Acid rain and global warming
• Acid rain and forests
• Continental drift
• Impact of global warming
• Carbon sequestration
• Submerged Island
• Reducing population of polar bears
• Fish aff ected by global warming
• Hurricanes and global warming
• Positive impact of forests and oceans
• Chipko Movement
• Coral reefs and CO2
• Coral bleaching and global warming
• Country emitting maximum CO2
• Compressed Natural Gas
• Carbon footprint
• CO2-equivalent
• Montreal Protocol
• Kyoto Protocol
• Clean Development Mechanism
• Kyoto Protocol 2012
• Emissions Trading System
• UNFCCC and its objective
• Conference of the Parties
• Polluter Pays Principle
• The Earth Summit
• Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
• Indian government and climate change
• Ways to tackle global warming

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