50 FAQs on Air Pollution : know all about air pollution and do your bit to limit it

By Rupak Ghosh more
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Publisher TERI Press All Class 9 books by TERI Press
ISBN 9788179934531
Author: Rupak Ghosh
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Number of Pages 64
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Which substances are polluting air the most? What is the ozone hole? How much CO2 is emitted by burning 1 litre of petrol? Which country emits the maximum CO2 per person? What is BS-IV? How are climate change and air pollution related? What is the Kyoto Protocol? Which are the most and least polluted cities of India?

Know the answers to these, and 42 more frequently asked questions, on air pollution, its various aspects, and impacts.

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Table Of Contents

Air composition
Air pollution
Volatile Organic Compounds
Greenhouse effect
Rise of Greenhouse Gases
Rise of CO2 due to fossil-fuel burning
Global CO2 emissions per year
Country emitting maximum CO2
Country emitting maximum CO2 per person
Carbon footprint
Ozone layer
Depletion of ozone layer
Recovery of ozone layer
Most polluting substances in air
Aerosols and particulate matter
Automobiles and air pollution
Eco-friendly fossil fuels
CO2 emitted by 1 litre of petrol
Aircraft pollutants
Pollution Under Certificate
Clean fuels
Hybrid car
Thermal power plant pollutants
Acid precipitation
Haze and smog
Worst air-pollution disaster in history
Trees and air pollution
Indoor Air Pollution
Impact of Indoor Air Pollution
Improving Indoor Air Quality
Cancer and air pollution
Climate change and air pollution
Measuring air pollution
Air Quality Index
World’s most polluted city
World’s least polluted city
India’s most polluted city
India’s least polluted city
WHO’s air quality guidelines
India’s air quality guidelines
Emissions trading
Kyoto Protocol
Kyoto Protocol and reduction of GHGs
Montreal Protocol
Indian laws on air pollution
Ways to reduce air pollution