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Publisher: Disha Publication
ISBN: 9789384089818
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About this eBook

Preface This book is intended to cover the major happenings of the world and India in particular, from the beginning of 2013 till today. These events shaped our future. They altered the way we live and if we take time out and think about them, our understanding of the life around us improves. For those who don t try to make a sense of their surroundings, they are always left at the mercy of others. Political, social, technological, economic, environmental we have tried to cover all the aspects in this book. For those, who have their careers depending on general awareness, like the IAS, MBA and other entrance exam candidates, this book serves as a handy tool. They can prepare for their Group Discussions and Personal Interviews too with this book. For those who want to stay abreast of the world this is a great book. For those who want to understand the real reasons behind the actions of some of the most prominent people in the news this is a mighty fine book. For those who want to form an opinion on the life around them, this is an excellent book. A lot has been changed in these few months. There have been natural disasters like the floods in Uttarakhand and the Pole Vortex, there have occurred instances of aggression like the annexation of Crimea by Russia, there have come to fore some great personalities like Edward Snowden and Pope Francis, then again personalities like Nelson Mandela are no longer amongst us. All of this and many other events shaped our external world. We have tried to document them in one treatise. This book covers fifty major events that transpired in the last one year or so. The events are covered in detail with facts and opinions. The facts that we have documented have all been researched thoroughly and the links for the verification of these facts has been provided in the reference section of the book. These links form an additional source of study on the relevant topics. The opinions stated alongside the facts are the authors own. We have tried to be impartial and view the correct side of all occurrences. But in some places, we have been blunt and stated what we felt was right. If it hurts someone s sensitivities, we apologize. You are more than welcome to point out our mistakes. On the other hand, we love those who agree with us. If you feel we have done something great with a topic, please let us know. As writers, we have always been inclined to read about the world around us. This is why, we felt the need for a book like this. To be effective in writing this type of a book, we have had to read extensively iii
on topics that have have not been covered in this text. A large amount of reading is essential to connect the dots between the major events in a society. Most often, one of the topics becomes a partial subset of a different topic covered elsewhere in the book. If we have to make this link, we must view the issues in their entirety. How to make the most out of this book This book need not be read sequentially. The best way to read this book is by starting out with a topic that you feel deeply about. There would definitely be a few things that might be new for you. Google them, read more about them, and form an intelligent opinion about the event. After you have exhausted all your favorite topics, start with the ones that are totally new for you. This way, you can learn about some really helpful stuff that you might have skipped till now. An opinionated introduction into something new can bias you, so read our opinions with a pinch of salt. This style of reading would ensure that you would be left with the topics that you have heard about so much in the media that you are bored with them, or just plain don t like that type. For these articles, it is best to read them with a pencil. Normally, with articles that do not impress us, we read through them with zombie eyes, i.e. we gloss over and realize at the last that we have not understood anything. With a pencil, we can mark the important stuff, and our concentration doesn t wane either. After you have read everything, you can go over the underlined part and stress on the essential points. Once you have read through the whole book, we hope that you get a better picture of the life around you.
Bharat Patodi
MBA, FMS, Delhi