101+ Essays for Civil Services Examination

101+ Essays for Civil Services Examination

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Publisher Laxmi Publications All UPSC books by Laxmi Publications
ISBN 9789352743544
Author: Ajit Kumar Jha
Number of Pages 404
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101+ Essays for Civil Services Examination by Ajit Kumar Jha
Book Summary:

This book is designed strictly according to the UPSC civil services examination. Case studies and examples have been provided in places where clarity of understanding is required. Every effort has been made to make this book error-free.

Audience of the Book :
This book Useful for UPSC Students.
Table of Content:

1. Alternative Technologies For A Climate Change Resilient India

2. A Good Life Is One Inspired By Love And Guided By Knowledge

3. Poverty Anywhere Is A Threat To Prosperity Everywhere

4. Management Of Indian Border Disputes – A Complex Task

5. Customary Morality Cannot Be A Guide To Modern Life

6. The Past Is A Permanent Dimension Of Human Consciousness And Values

7. A People That Values Its Privileges Above Its Principles Loses Both

8. Reality Does Not Conform To The Ideal But Confirms It

9. Farming Has Lost The Ability To Be A Source Of Subsistence For Majority Of Farmers In India

10. Impact Of The New Economic Measures On Fiscal Ties Between The Union And States In India

11. Destiny Of A Nation Is Shaped In Its Classrooms

12. Has Nam Lost Its Relevance In The Multipolar World?

13. Joy Is The Simplest Form Of Gratitude

14. Fulfilment Of ‘New Woman’ In India Is A Myth

15. We May Brave Human Laws But Cannot Resist Natural Laws

16. Social Media Is Inherently A Selfish Medium

17. If Development Is Not Engendered, It Is Endangered

18. Need Brings Greed, If Greed Increases It Spoils Breed

19. Water Disputes Between States In Federal India

20. Innovation Is The Key Determinant Of Economic Growth And Social Welfare

21. Cooperative Federalism: Myth Or Reality

22. Cyberspace And Internet: Blessing Or Curse To The Human Civilization In The Long Run

23. Near Jobless Growth In India: An Anomaly Or An Outcome Of Economic Reforms

24. Digital Economy: A Leveller Or A Source Of Economic Inequality

25. Food Security And Sustainable National Development

26. Implications Of Globalization For India

27. Is An Egalitarian Society By Educating The Masses?

28. The Modern Doctor And His Patients

29. If Women Rule The World

30. Women Empowerment: Challenges And Prospects

31. Men Have Failed: Let Women Take Over

32. The Cyberworld: Its Charms And Challenges

33. Increasing Computerization Poses Dangers Of A Dehumanized Society

34. Whither Women’s Emancipation?

35. The Hand That Rocks The Cradle Rules The World

36. The Lure Of Space

37. Woman Is God’s Best Creation

38. Greater Political Power Alone Will Not Improve Women’s Plight

39. The March Of Science And The Erosion Of Human Values

40. The New Emerging Women Power: The Ground Realities

41. How Should A Civil Servant Conduct Himself?

42. In The Indian Context Both Human Intelligence And Technical Intelligence Are Crucial In Combating Terrorism

43. Judicial Activism And Indian Democracy

44. Politics, Bureaucracy And Business – Fatal Triangle

45. Politics Without Ethics Is A Disaster

46. Reservation, Politics And Empowerment

47. Role Of Media In Good Governance

48. Urbanisation And Its Hazards

49. What Have We Gained From Our Democratic Setup?

50. Computer: The Harbinger Of Silent Revolution

51. Empowerment Alone Cannot Help Our Women

52. Women’s Reservation Bill Would Usher In Empowerment For Women In India

53. “Education For All” Campaign In India: Myth Or Reality

54. India’s Role In Promoting Asean Cooperation

55. Is Autonomy The Best Answer To Combat Balkanization

56. Privatization Of Higher Education In India

57. The Masks Of New Imperialism

58. The Country’s Need For A Better Disaster Management System

59. Justice Must Reach The Poor

60. The Language Problem In India: Its Past, Present And Prospects

61. The Misinterpretation And Misuse Of Freedom In India

62. Water Resources Should Be Under The Control Of The Central Government

63. Reservations And Economic Development

64. The New Economic Order In A Changing World

65. Reforming The United Nations

66. Is Globalization A New Phenomenon?

67. Significance Of Democratic Decentralization

68. Degradation Of Natural Environment

69. Self-sustainability Of Natural Ecosystems

70. Environment And Human Health

71. Importance Of Water Harvesting

72. Environmental Ethics And Gandhian Approach

73. Urbanization And Environment

74. Capital Punishment

75. Uniform Civil Code: Need Of Time

76. India Needs Agricultural Marketing Reforms

77. Poverty In India And Related Issues

78. The Urban Landscape Has Warmer Climate Than Surrounding

79. The Police System Of India Needs Complete Overhauling

80. Communal Violence In India

81. Exploitation Of Domestic Workers In India

82. Scenario For Wetland Conservation In India

83. Women Has An Important Role To Play In Environment Conservation