Computer Architucture & Parallel Processing By B.B.Agarwal & S.P.Tayal

Computer Architucture & Parallel Processing By B.B.Agarwal & S.P.Tayal
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Computer Architucture & Parallel Processing By B.B.Agarwal & S.P.Tayal

Publisher: Laxmi Publications
ISBN: 9788131804988

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About this eBook

PREFACE Computer Architecture and Parallel Processing is more of an art than science. It covers computer system, microprocessors, circuits system programs. High speed computing deals with designing very high performance computing systems architecture. Due to technological limits on the basic raw speeds of the circuits, computer architects employ various techniques to obtain the high performance. This volume deals with the architectural principles and theory in synchronous parallel systems employing temporal as well as spatial parallelism. It presents complete theoretical treatment of the topics of relevance in these architectures. This book is designed to cover the syllabus for undergraduate as well as postgraduate students of different Indian universities, who study computer organization as a part of their curriculum. This book gives the basic knowledge necessary to understand the operation of digital computer. Several features of this book are It is designed to make it particularly easy for students of B. Tech., M. Tech., MCA, BCA, to understand Computer Architecture. It highlights the basic principles and contrasts their application in specific areas of technology. It contains a number of examples, various diagrams exercises, which enhance its suitability for classroom instructions. Though great care has been exercised by us to make the contents of this book very useful and help students to be in touch with modern developments. We hope that the book will fulfill the need of readers and would welcome any suggestions, and constructive criticisms regarding the improvement of this book. Authors
ACKNOWLEDGEMENT First and foremost, we must extend our deepest gratitude to the Almighty God for showering love and grace on us to make us write this book. We feel privileged and fortunate enough to retain the affection of the following distinguished personalities, Shri Rajeev Saran Kothiwal, Chairman, IFTM Moradabad, Dr. R. M. Dubey, the Managing Director IFTM Moradabad Mr. Prakash M. Telang, Executive Director Commercial Vehicles , Tata Motors Limited, Pune who have been the driving force behind this effort. We are extremely indebted to Prof. Anupam Srivastava, Director, C.E.T, IFTM, Moradabad for inspiring and motivating us, without whose valuable suggestions it would have been difficult to complete the book. We express our special gratitude, very heartly, to Prof. B.N. Kaul Dean Administration CET, IFTM Moradabad, time-to-time suggestions guidance. Special thanks are also to Mr. G.S. Singh, Practice Head, Tata Technologies Ltd. Pune, Mr. Ramraj Pandey, Consultant, Chrysler, U.S.A., Mr. Rahul Shandilya, Project Manager, Mr. P.W. Dandekar, Tata Technologies Ltd. Pune, and Mr. R. Pandian, Project Manager who have guided, encouraged and advised us during the process of writing the book. We would also like to thank to Prof. S.K. Srivastava, Advisor, CET., I.F.T.M, Moradabad Mr. M.I.H Ansari Head, Dept. of Computer Applications, I.F.T.M. Moradabad for their moral support encouragement for the completion of this book. We wish to put on record our sincere thanks, honor, and gratitude to our close family members Shri K.B. Agarwal, Shri Akhilesh Kothiwal and Shri Sandeep Agarwal brother , consecutive four times elected as MLA of Moradabad U.P. for their soft words, continuous encouragement necessary help whenever required.