Interviews-How To Do Well

Interviews-How To Do Well
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Interviews-How To Do Well

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A Kumar Engineering and Management Connoisseur New Delhi
Rudiments 1. What is an Interview 2. Preparing for an Interview-I 3. Preparing for an Interview-II 4. Major Career Streams 5. Types of Interviews
What is an Interview
INTRODUCTION In this competitive world of today, the abilities and potential of an individual are compared with those of others at almost all the times. In the process of selection for a job or academic seat, the following abilities of a person are judged A Academic record. B Conceptual skills. C Technical skills. D Behavioural skills. E Adjustment skills. F Overall personality. The first three parameters of a person can be judged from his A academic records B on-the-job experience and C written tests. The last three parameters of a person can be judged by interacting with him for a limited period. It is true that the behaviour and personality characteristics of a person cannot be judged by talking to him for half an hour or more period. However, the person trying to judge the candidate is able to form an idea about the candidate. Later, he gives his views to his bosses or employer, who in turn, takes a decision about appointing that candidate or giving him a seat in a college or university. The personal interaction with a candidate is normally called Interview. It is also called an audience with the candidate . In all interviews, the focus is on the judgement of the attitudes and predispositions of the candidate so that the interviewer could learn 3

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