Data Science And Machine Learning With Python

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Start Date
Nov 8th,2021
Course Duration
4 Months
No of Classes
60 Classes
Course Level

What You Will Learn

  • Environment Setup
  • Data Science and Analytics
  • Statistical Analysis And Business Applications
  • Gain practical Python skills and apply them to data analysis
  • Introduction To Machine Learning and Algorithms
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Supervised Learning
  • Unsupervised Learning
  • Create a project demonstrating your understanding of applied data science techniques and tools
₹ 17,999/- ₹ 19,999/-
You Will Save: ₹2000/-

This course includes:

  • 60 Classes
  • 4 Months
  • Case study based assignment
  • Live project
  • Internship for a month
  • Free access to learning resources
  • Help with interview questions
  • Completion Certificate
  • Tips to write an effective resume.

Internship With

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Course Content

22 sections . 110 lectures . 60h total length

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Course Introduction

Course introduction and Welcome

Environment Setup

Installation of Python

Data Science Overview

Introduction to Data Science, Different Sectors Using Data Science, Purpose and Components of Python

Data Analytics Overview

Data Analytics Process, Exploratory Data Analysis(EDA), EDA-Quantitative Technique, EDA - Graphical Technique, Data Analytics Conclusion or Predictions, Data Analytics Communication, Data Types for Plotting.

Statistical Analysis and Business Application

Introduction to Statistics, Statistical and Non-statistical Analysis, Major Categories of Statistics, Statistical Analysis Process, Correlation and Inferential Statistics.

Statistics for Data Science

Introduction, Understanding the data, Data Visualization, Probability, Sampling, Inferential Statistics, Relation between variables

SQL Tutorial

SQL Best Practices, Data Analysis Using SQL, Advanced Excel

Python Crash Course

Data Types with Python, Basic Operators and Functions

Python for Mathematical Computing - Numpy

Introduction to Numpy, Class and Attributes of ndarray, Mathematical Functions of Numpy

Python for Scientific Computing - Scipy

Introduction to SciPy, SciPy - Integration and Optimization, Solving Linear Algebra problem using SciPy

Python for Data Analysis- Pandas

Introduction to Pandas, Understanding DataFrame, Data Operations, File Read and Write Support

Python for Data Visualization - Matplotlib

Introduction to Data Visualization, Line Properties, (x,y) Plot and Subplots, Types of Plots

Introduction To Machine Learning and AI

Learning Objectives, Emergence of Artificial Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence in Practice, Definition and Features of Machine Learning, Machine Learning Approaches, Machine Learning Techniques

Machine learning with Scikit- Learn

Machine Learning Approach, ScikitLearn

Data Cleaning

Handling Missing Values, Handling Categorical Attributes

Natural language processing with Scikit-learn

NLP Overview, NLP Applications

Natural Language ToolKit Library

NLP Libraries-Scikit

Supervised Learning

Real Life Scenario, Algorithms, Types of classification algorithms, types of regression algorithms, Linear regression, Types of regression algorithms, Logistic regression.

Supervised Learning Classification

Use cases of classification, Overview of classification, Decision tree classifier, Decision Tree and Random Forest Classifier, Decision tree formation and examples

Unsupervised learning

Overview, examples and applications of unsupervised learning, Clustering, Hierarchical Clustering, Examples

K-means Clustering

K Means Algorithm Theory, K Means with Python

Time Series Modeling

Overview of Time Series Modeling, Time Series Analysis to forecast dependent variables based on time, models for time series modeling

Tools covered


Learn from india's leading Data Science faculty and industry leaders
Binita Sajit

Binita Sajit

7+ years of teaching experience as a Guest Faculty with BITS Pilani (Work Integrated Learning Program), Aegis School of Data Science. 15+ years of IT Industry experience, including IT delivery management & development, training with Tech Mahindra.

guest faculty

Industry Experts

Get mentored with experienced industry experts. With experience in industry and working real time on live projects they bring in a lot to help you.

guest faculty

Industry Experts

Get mentored with experienced industry experts. With experience in industry and working real time on live projects they bring in a lot to help you.

guest faculty

Industry Experts

Get mentored with experienced industry experts. With experience in industry and working real time on live projects they bring in a lot to help you.

course USPs course USPs

Student Feedback

Course Advantages

Who Can Take Up This Course?

Any individual who wants to work with Programs and has sound information on Statistics and Mathematics is eligible for this course.
  • Designed for Students/ Working Professionals
  • Self-starters wanting to gain a foothold in the field of data science.
  • Career transformers with essential work experience, wishing to switch tracks into data science.
  • Ideal for both Working and Fresh Graduates.

Reasons to choose this course

Data is getting created at a rapid pace. It is estimated that more than 2 quintillion bytes of data have been created each day in the last two years. As organizations experience an overflow of data, they are sparing no effort to extract meaningful insights to make smarter business decisions. In order to help you unravel the true worth of data, KopyKitab Platform offers Applied Data Science Program, which aims to prepare data-driven decision makers for the future. It is another field of study and has less competition; accordingly, there are a lot of open positions in data science.

The various benefits of Data Science are as follows:

  • It’s in Demand
  • Abundance of Positions
  • A Highly Paid Career
  • Data Science is Versatile
  • Data Scientists are Highly Prestigious
  • No More Boring Tasks
  • Data Science Makes Products Smarter

Job Opportunities After Completing This Course

Job Profile Description Average Salary
Data Engineer develop Data Engineer develop algorithms and transform data for useful use for Data Analysts. INR 8,50,000
Data Scientist Data Scientist solves complex problems and utilizes their skills and knowledge to find trends and manage data. INR 8,00,000
Machine Learning Engineer An ML Engineer creates Programs that enables machines to take actions without being directed to do so. INR 7,00,000
Software Developer Software Developers are creative people with brainstorming skills to develop a new software. INR 5,00,000
Data Analyst Data Analysts gather useful data, organize the data and use it to reach the required targets. INR 4,00,000
Abhiraj singh certificate


Get answers to the most frequently asked questions.

What is Data Science?

It is a process of asking questions and then answering those questions using data that uses scientific methods, algorithms, processes, and systems to extract insights from all sorts of data.

Who all can learn data science?

  • Students
  • Freshers / Graduates
  • Teachers/ Faculties
  • Working Professionals
  • Any Individual, Keen Learners or self Starters can learn this course to up skill themselves

Who Are Data Scientists?

A Data Scientist is an expert liable for gathering, dissecting, and deciphering a lot of information. The Data Scientist job is a branch of a few conventional specialized jobs, including mathematician, researcher, analyst, and PC proficient. This work requires the utilization of cutting-edge examination innovations, including Algorithm and prescient displaying.

Why Choose Data Science?

It's become a generally accepted fact that advanced organizations are inundated with data. It is getting clear constantly that there is a huge incentive in data preparation and investigation—and that is the place where data scientists venture into the spotlight. In 2012, Harvard Business Review named Data Scientist the most energizing position of the 21st Century. Data Science has packed away the best position in LinkedIn's Emerging Jobs Report throughout the previous three years. A large number of organizations need colleagues who can change informational indexes into vital conjectures.

How much salary is offered to Professional Data Scientists in India?

The normal data scientist compensation is ₹698,412. Entry-level data science professionals can acquire around ₹500,000 per annum with short of one year of involvement. Early level data science professionals with 1 to 4 years of involvement gets around ₹610,811 per annum.

How is data science as a career?

In 2012, Harvard Business Review dubbed Data Scientist the most exciting job of the 21st Century. Data Science has bagged the top spot in LinkedIn Emerging Jobs Report for the last three years. Thousands of companies need team members who can transform data sets into strategic forecasts. Acquire in-demand data science and Python skills and meet that need. Data Science and AI have taken the center-stage as more and more brands realize the possibilities of these tools in the post-COVID world. The Online Certification Course on Applied Data Science and Machine Learning with Python is designed to train you in the most effective language for data science. This program will help you learn how to use powerful Python packages like SciPy, Matplotlib, Pandas, PyTorch, Scikit-Learn amongst others to manipulate data, build insightful descriptive and predictive models, and apply them for data science applications.

What does this course Offer?

Class Content
  • Digital Content Co-Created With Industry
  • Real-World Projects
  • Real Business Case-Studies
  • Projects Mentorship
  • Project Reviews
  • Project Feedback From Expert
Student & Career Services
  • Technical Mentor Support
  • Interview Preparations

What is the process for enrollment?

Just Follow Below 3 steps :-

Step 1: Block your seats by contacting us via contact details available on the page. It will help our academic counselors to brief you more about the course curriculum & career opportunities.

Step 2: Once all your queries are addressed from our end, you can proceed with the enrollment process via kopykitab course page with any one online payment mode.

Step 3: A confirmation email will be sent to you with the batch details which will direct you how to access the course e-content & join the session by the mentioned time frame along with the login credentials.

What additional benefits will I receive?

  • Effective CV preparation.
  • Certificate of course completion.
  • Behavioural guidance for corporate life.
  • Live project experience.

What software and versions will I need in this program?

To effectively finish this program, you should have the option to download and run Python's most recent variant.