Test Preparation on IAS Prelims Sample Paper -38


The right to livelihood was recognizes as a right under Article 21 of the Constitution in which of thefollowing cases?

I Learning: The Supreme Court gave an important decision regarding the rights of slum-dwellers in Bombay inresponse toja Public Interest Litigation filed by a social activist, Olga Tellis against Bombay MunicipalCorporation in 1985. The petition claimed the right to live on pavements or in slums because there was noalternative accommodation available close to their place of work. If they were forced to move they would losetheir livelihood as well. The Supreme Court said, "Article 21 of the Constitution which guaranteed the right tolife included the right to livelihood. Therefore if pavement dwellers were to be evicted they should first beprovided alternative accommodation under the right to shelter.
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