Test Preparation on LIC ADO Mock Test-2

(Directions 1-3):
Study the following information to answer the given Questions. In a certain code language, 'Anna is great social activist of India' is written as 'bee lee nee yee jee pee tee', 'India is great country' is written as 'pee lee yee dee', 'corruption free country' is written as 'oee dee vee', 'Anna is old' is written as 'jee lee fee' and 'remove corruption India' is written as 'vee pee loo'.


What is the code for 'corruption'?

Anna is great social activist of India ?bee lee nee yee jee pee tee ... (i) India is great country ?pee lee yee dee ...(ii) corruption free country ?oee dee vee ... (iii) Anna is old ?jee lee fee ... (iv) remove corruption India ?vee pee loo ... (v) From (ii) and (iii), country ?dee ... (vi) From (iii) and (v), corruption ?vee ... (vii) From (iii), (vi) and (vii), free ? oee ... (viii) From (ii) and (v), India ?pee ... (ix) From (ii) and (iv), is ?lee ...(x) From (ii), (vi), (ix) and (x) great ?yee ... (xi) From (v), (vii) and (ix) remove ?loo ... (xii) From (i), (iv) and (x) Anna ?jee ... (xii) From (iv), (x) and (xii) old ?fee Again, from (i) social ?nee, bee or tee activist ? bee, nee or tee of ? tee, nee or bee
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