General Anatomy And Osteology Of Head And Neck

General Anatomy And Osteology Of Head And Neck General Anatomy And Osteology Of Head And Neck Sample PDF Download
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General Anatomy And Osteology Of Head And Neck by Mahdi Hasan And Prashant Pratap
Book Summary:

This ready reckoner for students of Dentistry highlights essential anatomy of head and neck with emphasis on clinical application. The neNe supply of all the muscles of head and neck has been condensed in one page with pneumonic aids for remembering the basis. Osteology which is essential for a deep insight into the fundamental gross anatomy, has received special attention. The tables embody large bodies of essential information in a compact form. For identification of histology slides the help of tables seemed logical.

Audience of the Book :
This book useful for undergraduates in medicine and surgery too. More so, it should also attract aspirants for success in PGME.
Key Features:

The main features of the book are as follows:

1.Covers essentials of gross anatomy of head and neck with clinical application.

2.It also covers relevant details of osteology and histology.

3.The text is illustrated with generous use of diagrams.

Table of Contents:

1. Scalp

2. Triangle of the Neck

3. Infrahyoid Muscles: Ribbon Muscles or Strap Muscles

4. Suprahyoid Muscles

5. Muscles of the Eyeball

6. Temporomandibular Joint: Craniomandibular Joint

7. Muscles of Mastication

8. Paranasal Air Sinuses

9. Tongue

10. Pharynx

11. Larynx

12. Parasympathetic Ganglia

13. Arteries of Head and Neck

14. Veins of Head and Neck

15. Craniometry : Anthropometry of the Skull

16. Meninges

17.  Dural Venous Sinuses

18. Cavernous Sinus

19. Thyroid Gland

20. Nerve Supply of Muscles of Head & Neck at a Glance

21. Parotid Gland

22. Submandibular Gland

23. Articulated Skull

24. Maxilla

25. The Frontal Bone

26. The Parietal Bone

27. The Palatine Bone

28. Interior of the Skull

29. Norma Basalis

30. Norma Lateralis

31. Norma Occipitalis

32. Norma Verticalis

33. The Ethmoid Bone

34. The Mandible

35. The Nasal Bones

36. The Occipital Bone

37. The Sphenoid Bone

38. The Temporal Bones

39. The Zygomatic Bone