Fundamentals Of Combustion

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ISBN: 9788120333482
Number of Pages: 280
Edition: Revised Edition
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About The Book Fundamentals Of Combustion
Book Summary:

Designed for both undergraduate and postgraduate students of mechanical, aerospace, chemical and metallurgical engineering, this compact and well-knitted textbook provides a sound conceptual basis in fundamentals of combustion processes, highlighting the basic principles of natural laws.

In the initial part of the book, chemical thermodynamics, kinetics, and conservation equations are reviewed extensively with a view to preparing students to assimilate quickly intricate aspects of combustion covered in later chapters. Subsequently, the book provides extensive treatments of pre-mixed laminar flame, and gaseous diffusion flame, emphasizing the practical aspects of these flames. Besides, liquid droplet combustion under quiescent and convective environment is covered in the book. Simplified analysis of spray combustion is carried out which can be used as a design tool. An extensive treatment on the solid fuel combustion is also included. Emission combustion systems, and how to control emission from them using the latest techniques, constitute the subject matter of the final chapter.

Appropriate examples are provided throughout to foster better understanding of the concepts discussed. Chapter-end review questions and problems are included to reinforce the learning process of students.

Table of Contents:
CONTENTS: Preface. 1. Introduction. 2. Thermodynamics of Combustion. 3. Physics of Combustion. 4. Chemistry of Combustion. 5. Premixed Flame. 6. Diffusion Flame. 7. Combustion and Environment. Appendices AF. Index.