Engineering Tribology

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Engineering Tribology

Publisher: PHI Learning
ISBN: 9788120327245
Number of Pages: 336
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About The Book Engineering Tribology
Book Summary:

This introductory yet comprehensive book presents the fundamental concepts on the analysis and design of tribological systems. It is a unique blend of scientific principles, mathematical formulations and engineering practice. The text discusses properties and measurements of engineering surfaces, surface contact geometry and contact stresses. Besides, it deals with adhesion, friction, wear, lubrication and related interfacial pheno-mena. It also highlights recent developments like nanotribology and fractal analysis with great clarity.

The book is intended as a text for senior under-graduate and postgraduate students of mechanical engineering, production/industrial engineering, metallurgy and material science. It can also serve as a reference for practising engineers and designers.

Key Features
Discusses dry contact tribology and lubrication of bearings.
Describes surface engineering and boundary lubrication.
Provides large number of illustrations.
Gives many problems at the end of the book, with answers to some of them.

Table of Contents:


1. Introduction.
2. Engineering Surfaces-Properties and Measurement.
3. Surface Contact.
4. Adhesion.
5. Friction.
6. Wear.
7. Thermal Considerations in Sliding Contact.
8. Surface Engineering.
9. Boundary Lubrication.
10. Liquid Lubricants-Properties and Measurement.
11. Basic Equations for Fluid Film Lubrication.
12. Hydrodynamic Thrust Bearings.
13. Hydrodynamic Journal Bearings.
14. Hydrodynamic Squeeze Film Bearings.
15. Hydrostatic Bearings.
16. Gas-Lubricated Bearings.
17. Elastohyrodynamic Lubrication.
18. Rolling Element Bearings.
19. Nanotribology.
20. Fractal Analysis in Tribology.