Elements Of Mechanical Engineering

Elements Of Mechanical Engineering Elements Of Mechanical Engineering Sample PDF Download
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Elements Of Mechanical Engineering

Publisher: Sanguine Publications
ISBN: 9789383506156

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Preface This book is a humble attempt in explaining the basic fundamentals of aspects of Mechanical engineering to the fresh science curriculum students aspiring to groom themselves into engineering professionals. This is a subject which is essential to all young engineering students irrespective of which stream of engineering, they pursue as energy is the most important aspect of out lives. This subject also helps everyone to think, analyse, apply the fundamental laws of Physics, Mathematics and Chemistry to mechanical engineering. situations and trains their minds how to handle or apply various tools to their elds of interest in engineering. Basically this course is centred or focussed around "Energy" which in today's world scenario of energy crunch assumes utmost importance. The rst portion of the course de nes energy, fuels, its forms, sources, classi cations and mainly focussing different forms of fuels. The second part of the course deals with how energy is produced from various source viz the prime movers such as turbines and IC engines. The third and last part of the course elaborates the utility of energy such as use of energy for manufacturing such as machine tools, Joining processes, uses for human comfort and industrial air conditioning etc. Forms
Uses Conversion
Sources How
The text book is tuned generally towards to the syllabus of a typical indian university on the subject that is suitable for 1st year undergraduate course. The evaluations and test methods are reinforced at the end of each module. Efforts are made to bring out the principles, concepts thro' various laws, illustrative sketches, worked out numericals and gures and photographs of certain machines, equipments etc.
Elements of Mechanical Engineering
Errors , inadequacies of the contents of the text book may be brought out to the undersigned at the following e - mail ID which will be acknowledged and efforts to analyse and implement if found essential will be made. e-mail ID raghuthama gmail.com
P.Raghuthama Rao
Units 1.
Force - Newton 1 Newton 1 kg.m 1m.sec2 - kg Force 1 kgf 1kgm g.m sec2 g.Newtons