Automobile Mechanics eBook By Dr. N.K. Giri

Automobile Mechanics eBook By Dr. N.K. Giri
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ISBN: 9788174092168

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Automobile Mechanics eBook By Dr. N.K. Giri

About The Book

The book deals with the mechanics of the automobile and its systems and subsystems in a simplified manner. The description and principles of operation of the various components as a part of total vehicle system are presented in brief treating the same mathematically. The book is designed keeping in space with the rapid development in the field of automobile technology to cover the requirements for a complete course for undergraduate engineering students pursuing diploma and degree in Automobile Engineering.

The book contains twenty-three chapters. Sufficient number of review questions, solved examples and unsolved exercises are added at appropriate places in the text. These examples are mainly taken from the various examination papers. The mathematical treatment in the book is in SI units. Since the primary audience of this book will predominantly be students, it is assumed that the reader of this book has the knowledge of elementary applied mechanics, fluid mechanics and thermodynamics.

Table Of Contents

1. An Introduction to Automobile

2. Power Unit

3. Reciprocating Engine Construction and Performance

4. Fuel and Combustion

5. SI Engine Fuel System

6. Lubricating System

7. Cooling System

8. Charging, Starting and Ignition System

9. Engine Emission Control and Management

10. Body and Chassis

11. Suspension System

12. Wheels and Tyres

13. Clutches

14. Transmission

15. Drive Line, Differential and Road Wheel Drives

16. Front Axle and Steering System

17. Braking System

18. Chassis Electrical Systems, Safety Equipment’s and Vehicle Collision

19. Vehicle Vibration and Human Comfort

20. Automobile Air-conditioning

21. Electrical Vehicles