A Text Book of Engineering Mathemaics Sem-I (Haryana) By N.P.Bali

A Text Book of Engineering Mathemaics Sem-I (Haryana) By N.P.Bali A Text Book of Engineering Mathemaics Sem-I (Haryana) By N.P.Bali Sample PDF Download
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Publisher: Laxmi Publications
ISBN: 9788131808085

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A Text Book Of Engineering Mathemaics Sem-I (Haryana) By N.P.Bali
Book Summary:

The author has endeavoured to present the fundamental concepts of mathematics in a comprehensive and lucid manner. An outstanding and distinguishing feature of the book is the large number of typical solved examples followed by well graded exercises for practice. Many examples and problems have been selected from recent papers (2005 onwards) of various engineering examinations. The book is strictly in accordance with the latest syllabi.

Audience of the Book :
For B.TECH. 1st YEAR, SEMESTER I, M.D.U., G.J.U., K.U.K., Haryana

Table of Contents:

SECTION A (Infinite Series)

1. Infinite Series

SECTION B (Matrices and Its Applications)

2. Matrices and Its Applications (Not for K.U.K.)

SECTION C (Differential Calculus)

3. Successive Differentiation (Not for K.U.K.)

4. Leibnitz's Theorem and Applications (Not for K.U.K.)

5. Taylor's and Maclaurin's Series

6. Curvature

7. Asymptotes

8. Curve Tracing

9. Functions of Two or More Variables (Limit and Continuity)

10. Partial Differentiation

SECTION D (Integral Calculus)

11. Applications of Single Integration (Volumes and Surfaces of Solids of Revolution)

12. Multiple Integrals


13. Vector Calculus (Only for DCRUST, Murthal)

Appendices-I: Short Answer Type Questions

Appendices-II Some Important Curves

Examination Papers