Power Electronics (Part 1)

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Power electronics blends the three major areas of Electrical Engineering: Power,Electronics and Control. As load performance is superior under controlled power conditions, there has been a spurt in demand for the power modulators. It is power electronics that has made possible the availability of a wide variety of controlled power converters. Power electronics has really revolutionized the art of conversion and its control.
The purpose of this book is to provide a good understanding of the powerelectronic components and the behaviour of power-electronic converters by presenting systematically all important aspects of semiconductor devices and the common type of electric-power controllers. The book begins with the study of salient features of power diodes, power transistors, MOS-controlled thyristor, silicon controlled rectifier and other members of thyristor family. Then their applications in the different types of power-converter configurations are presented in a lucid detail. In other words, this book follows the bottom-down approach (device characteristics first and then their applications). Major part of the book is intended to serve as an introductory course in power-electronics to the undergraduate students of Electrical, Electronics, Instrumentation and Control disciplines. It is presumed that the reader is familiar with the basics of elementary electronics and circuit theory. The material presented here can be covered in one semester with the omission of some topics. The instructor, after browsing through the book for some time, can plan the course contents and its
sequence without loss of continuity.

Power Electronics (Part 1) Comprises of Chapter 1 to Chapter 6

Chapter 1 gives an overview of merits and demerits of power-electronic controllers and briefly discusses the topics covered in
this book. This chapter also touches upon the significance of power electronics.
Chapter 2 describes the characteristics of power diodes, power transistors and MCTs.
Chapter 3 are presented diode characteristics, rectifiers, performance parameters and filters.
Chapter 4 explains the characteristics of thyristors in detail and of Triacs, GTOs etc.
Thyristor commutation techniques are given in Chapter 5.
In Chapter 6, the principles of conversion from ac to dc involving single-phase as well as three-phase converters are presented. 
A large number of illustrative diagrams and a wide variety of worked examples add to the clarity of the subject matter. 
The material given in this book is class-room tested. In the appendices, Fourier Analysis, Laplace Transform,Objective Type Questions, some useful functions and references are given.