Fundamentals Of Optical Fibre Communication

Fundamentals Of Optical Fibre Communication Fundamentals Of Optical Fibre Communication Sample PDF Download
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Publisher: PHI Learning
ISBN: 9788120349056
Number of Pages: 264
Edition: Second Edition
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About The Book Fundamentals Of Optical Fibre Communication
Book Summary:

Optical fibre communication is fast extending the boundaries of research laboratories and attaining the threshold of real-life applicability. The book attempts to provide a thorough understanding of the fundamentals of optical fibre communication.

Organized into nine chapters, this book begins with a discussion of planar dielectric waveguide and proceeds to discuss optical fibre and the propagation of light through it. It also covers Erbium Doped Fibre Amplifier (EDFA), semiconductor optical sources and detectors, fibre optic communication systems, and fibre optic measurements.

In the Second Edition, lucid presentation of the text has been maintained without compromising on the comprehension of the subject. Two new chapters on advanced modulation formats for fibre optic communication systems and surface plasmon polaritons and photonic crystals have been included which discuss topics such as fibre optic coupler, coherent optical communication, BER performance of coherent optical communication systems, differential phase modulation schemes with direct detection, surface plasmon polariton and photonic crystal. Besides, a number of chapters have been significantly revised.

This book is primarily intended as a text for undergraduate students of Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Communication Engineering, and Telecommunication Engineering. The book would also prove to be of immense benefit to postgraduate students of Physics and those preparing for AMIE and AMIETE exams.

Key features

Lucid discussion of concepts, ensuring easy comprehensibility of even advanced topics to undergraduate students.
Numerical problems forming an integral part of the book, making it application-oriented.
Solutions to chapter-end numerical problems provided at the end of the book.

Table of Contents:



1. Dielectric WaveguidesPart 1: Planar Waveguides

2. Dielectric WaveguidesPart 2: Optical Fibres

3. Attenuation and Distortion in Optical Fibres

4. Erbium Doped Fibre Amplifiers

5. Optical Sources and Detectors

6. Fibre Optic Communication Systems

7. Advanced Modulation Formats for Fibre Optic Communication Systems

8. Fibre Optic Measurements

9. Surface Plasmon Polaritons and Photonic Crystals

Solutions to Problems