Control System Design

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Control System Design by B.S. Manke
Book Summary:

The material contained in this book covers the course contents of the syllabus for the subject Control System II prescribed by Indian Universities.

The book contains following chapters :

  • Chapter 1 deals with the compensation network design.
  • Nonlinear control systems, the method of analysis through phase-plane describing function method is given in chapter 2.
  • The analysis and design aspects based on state variable approach are presented in chapter 3. The discrete time control systems form the basis for the study of digital control systems.
  • Chapter 4 covers the frequency response, root locus analysis and stability considerations for discrete-time control systems. Introduction to state variable model formulation of discrete-time control systems have been included.
  • The stability analysis based on Liapunov method is given in chapter 5. Theory is ably supported by suitable numerical examples. The contents of this book are suitably framed to meet requirements at a slightly higher level than that of introductory course on Control System Analysis.

Audience of the Book :
The introductory course in Control System Analysis is covered in the final/prefinal year engineering classes. As per the development in the field of control systems this subject is shifted to lower semester classes. Additional concepts have been introduced for higher semester classes

Table of Contents:

♦ Compensation of Feed Back Control Systems

♦ Non-linear Control System

♦ State Variable Analysis

♦ Discrete-Data/Digital Control Systems

♦ Liapunov Stability Analysis