Fundamentals Of Electrical And Electronics Engineering

Fundamentals Of Electrical And Electronics Engineering Fundamentals Of Electrical And Electronics Engineering Sample PDF Download
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Publisher: PHI Learning
ISBN: 9788120332997
Number of Pages: 908
Edition: Second Edition
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About The Book Fundamentals Of Electrical And Electronics Engineering
Book Summary:

This second edition, extensively revised and updated, continues to offer sound, practically-oriented, modularized coverage of the full spectrum of fundamental topics in each of the several major areas of electrical and electronics engineering. • Circuit Theory
• Electrical Measurements and Measuring Instruments
• Electric Machines
• Electric Power Systems
• Control Systems
• Signals and Systems
•  Analog and Digital Electronics
including introduction to microcomputers The book conforms to the syllabi of Basic Electrical and Electronic Sciences prescribed for the first-year engineering students. It is also an ideal text for students pursuing diploma programmes in Electrical Engineering.

Written in a straightforward style with a strong emphasis on primary principles, the main objective of the book is to bring an understanding of the subject within the reach of all engineering students.

What is New to This Edition :

Fundamentals of Control Systems (Chapter 24)

Fundamentals of Signals and Systems (Chapter 25)

Introduction to Microcomputers (Chapter 32)

Substantial revisions to chapters on Transformer, Semiconductor Diodes and Transistors, and Field Effect Transistors

Laplace Transform (Appendix B)

Applications of Laplace Transform (Appendix C)

PSpice (Appendix E)

key Features :

Numerous solved examples for sound conceptual understanding

End-of-chapter review questions and numerical problems for rigorous practice by students

Answers to all end-of-chapter numerical problems An objective type Questions Bank with answers to hone the technical skills of students for viva voce and preparation for competitive examinations.

Table of Contents:
Preface to the First Edition
1. Basic Definitions and Units
2. Ohms Law
3. Kirchhoffs Laws
4. DC Network Theorems
5. Electromagnetism
6. Magnetic Circuit
7. Inductance
8. Capacitance
9. DC Transients
10. Alternating Voltage and Current
11. Single-phase AC Circuits
12. Resonance
13. Three-phase Systems
14. Electrical Measurements and Measuring Instruments
15. AC Bridges
16. Transformer
17. Basic Concepts of Rotating Electrical Machines
18. DC Machines
19. DC Motors
20. Synchronous Machines
21. Polyphase Induction Motor
22. Fractional Horsepower Motors
23. Introduction to Power System
24. Fundamentals of Control Systems
25. Fundamentals of Signals and Systems
26. Diode and Triode
27. Semiconductor Diodes and Transistors
28. Field Effect Transistors
29. Operational Amplifier
30. Number System
31. Boolean Algebra
32. Introduction to Microcomputers
A. Phasor Representation
B. Laplace Transform
C. Application of Laplace Transform
D. Two-port Networks
E. PSpice
Objective Type Questions