CAD For Electrical Engineering

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CAD For Electrical Engineering

Publisher: Sanguine Publications
ISBN: 9789383506309

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About this eBook

An Electrical Engineer can analyze and design electrical equipments like transformers, DC machines, induction machines, synchronous machines and electrical power
system elements comprising of transmission lines, circuit breakers, transformers, reactors, capacitors etc. Based on design information and specifications, engineering drawings are to be made. The drawing is an essential bridge between designer and manufacturer and also between the designer and commissioning maintenance engineer. The manufacturer plans the details of processing, machining, material requirement and cost estimate, based on the drawing. The end user plans circuit connections, erection requirements, mounting dimensions, space requirements, design of machine bed depending on the weight etc and maintenance schedule. The technical drawings are created by using CAD software as against conventional method of using drafters and black ink. Use of standard CAD software has long moved past cuttingedge status and are presently considered a standard part of an engineer s skill set.
This book has been written with the aim of educating the students with the techniques of evolving electrical engineering drawing using CAD software. To design the equipment and elements as per the specification and the design information, engineering drawings are to be evolved by technologists and drafting technicians. The drawings have to be scrutinized to check the dimensions, tolerances, material specification and quantity of the materials. These functions are performed by Computer Aided Design CAD .The multiple skill of design and drafting is known as Computer Aided Design and Drafting CADD .
CADD drawings allow the designer to select the units of measure- inches, mm, m etc.
Layers can be created and super imposed.
CADD drawings are accurate and the desired accuracy level can be pre-defined.
Extends flexibility for drawing large and small components on the same system.
Editing, plotting, storing and retrieval of the drawing are easier.
Drawings can be forwarded to the manufacturing shops, vendors, purchasers and customers in the desired form.
Many Indian Universities have introduced the topic of Computer Aided Electrical Drawing as a subject for the Electrical and Electronics Engineering Electrical Engineering curriculum of the under graduate program. The subject of the Computer Aided Electrical Drawing is offered as a one semester course.