Finite Element Method And Computational Structural Dynamics

Finite Element Method And Computational Structural Dynamics Finite Element Method And Computational Structural Dynamics Sample PDF Download
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About The Book Finite Element Method And Computational Structural Dynamics
Book Summary:

Primarily intended for senior undergraduate and postgraduate students of civil, mechanical and aerospace/aeronautical engineering, this text emphasises the importance of reliability in engineering computations and understanding the process of computer aided engineering.

Written with a view to promote the correct use of finite element technology and to present a detailed study of a set of essential computational tools for the practice of structural dynamics, this book is a ready-reckoner for an in-depth discussion of finite element theory and estimation and control of errors in computations. It is specifically aimed at the audience with interest in vibrations and stress analysis. Several worked out examples and exercise problems have been included to describe the various aspects of finite element theory and modelling. The exercise on error analysis will be extremely helpful in grasping the essence of posteriori error analysis and mesh refinement.


Thorough discussion of numerical algorithms for reliable and efficient computation.
Ready-to-use finite element system and other scientific applications.
Tips for improving the quality of finite element solutions.
Companion DVD containing ready to use finite element applications.

Senior Undergraduate and Postgraduate students of Civil, Mechanical and Aerospace/Aeronautical engineering

Table of Contents:
Preface List of Figures List of Tables

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Chapter 1 Mathematical Modelling, Differential Equations and Approximate Solutions

Chapter 2 Finite Elements of One-Dimension

Chapter 3 Finite Elements of Two and Three Dimensions

Chapter 4 Mapped Elements

Chapter 5 Finite Elements for Plates and Shells

Chapter 6 Error Analysis and Convergence of Finite Element Solution

Chapter 7 The Time Dimension


Chapter 8 Solution of Linear Simultaneous Equations

Chapter 9 The Algebraic Eigenvalue Problem

Chapter 10 Singular Value Decomposition

Chapter 11 Time Marching: Numerical Solution of Initial Value Problems

Chapter 12 Discrete Fourier Transform

Chapter 13 System Identification: The Inverse Vibration Problem

Chapter 14 Model Reduction in Computational Structural Dynamics


A:A Primer on Floating-Point Computations

B:A Primer on Vector Spaces

C:A Primer on Interpolation

D:A Primer on Numerical Quadrature

E:Assembly of Global System of Equations

F:Internet Resources for Scientific Computing