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Publisher: Vayu Education
ISBN: 9789383137381

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DETAILED CONTENTS 1. Introduction Mechanics and its utility. Concept of scaler and vector quantities. Effect of a force. Tension compression. Rigid body. Principle of physical independence of force. Principle of transmissibility of a force. 2. System of Forces Concept of coplaner and non-coplaner forces including
x parallel forces. Concurrent and non-concurrent forces. Resultant force. Equilibrium of forces. Law of parallelogram of forces. Law of triangle of forces and its converse. Law of polygon of forces. Solution of simple engineering problems by analytical and graphical methods such as simple wall crane, jib crane and other structures. Determination of resultant of any number of forces in one plane acting upon a praticle, conditions of equilibrium of coplaner concurrent force system. 3. Moment couple Concept of Varignon s theorem. Generalised theorem of moments. Application to simple problems on levers-Bell crank lever, compound lever, steel yard, beams and wheels, lever safety valve, wireless mast, moment of a couple Properties of a couple Simple applied problems such as pulley and shaft. 4. General Condition of Equilibrium General condition of equilibrium of a rigid body under the action of coplaner forces, statement of force law of equilibrium, moment law of equilibrium, application of above on body. 5. Friction Types of friction statical,limiting and dynamical friction, statement of laws of sliding friction, Coefficient of friction, angle of friction problems on eqilibrium of a body resting on a rough inclined plane, simple problems on friction. Conditions of sliding and toppling. 6. Machines Definition of a machine. Mechancial advantage, velocity ratio, input, output, mechanical efficiency and relation between them for ideal and actual machines. Law of a machine Lifting machines such as levers, single pulley, three system of pulleys. Weston differential pulley, simple wheel and axle, differential wheel and axle. Simple screw jack, differential screw jack, simple worm and worm wheel. 7. Stresses and strains Concept of stress and strain. Concept of various types of stresses and strains . Definitions of tension, compression shear, bending, torsion. Concept of volumetric and lateral strains, Poisson s ratio. Changes in dimensions and volume of a bar under direct load axial and along all the three axes . Ultimate stress, working stress. Elasticity, Hook s law, load deformation diagram for mild steel and cast iron. Definition of modulus of elasticity, yield point, modulus of rigidity and bulk Modulus. Stresses and strains for homogeneous meterials and composite sections. 8. Beams Trusses Definition of statically determinate and indeterminate trusses. Types of supports. Concept of tie strut, Bow s notation, space diagram, polar diagram, funicular polygon calculation of reaction at the support of cantilever and simply supported beams and trusses graphically and analytically graphical solution of simple determinate trusses with reference to force diagram for determining the magnitude and nature of forces in its various members. Analytical methods method of joints and method of sections. simple problems only 9. Thin cylinderical and spherical shells Differentiation between thick and thin shells, cylinderical and spherical shells, thin spherical and cylinedrical shells subjected to internal pressure, lognitudinal stresses,circumferential or hoop stresses. longitudinal, circumefrential and volumetric strains. Changes in the dimensions and volume of a thin shell subjected to internal fluid pressure.
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