Heat and Mass Transfer

Heat and Mass Transfer Heat and Mass Transfer Sample PDF Download
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Heat and Mass Transfer

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Heat and Mass Transfer by G S Sawhney
Book Summary:

The book presents an exhaustive coverage of the theory, definitions, formulae and examples which are well supported by plenty of diagrams and problems in order to make the underlying principles more comprehensive.
In the present second edition, the book has been thoroughly revised and enlarged. The chapter on steady state one-dimensional heat conduction has been modified to include problems on two-dimensional heat conduction. Finite heat difference method of solving such problems has been covered. Modification has also been included in the text as per the suggestions obtained from various sources.

Audience of the Book :

Written with the third-year engineering students of undergraduate level in mind, this well set out textbook explains the fundamentals of Heat and Mass Transfer.

Key Features:

The main features of the book are as follows:

1.This second edition includes more solved problems based on finite heat difference method, two-dimensional heat conduction, and solutions to various universities’ examination papers.

2.Each chapter contains the keywords and the topics followed by the subject matter per se in the question-answer format.

3.Contains derivations of fundamental relations, diagrams, illustrations, and a lot of solved examples.

Table of Contents:

1. Introduction to heat transfer

2. General heat conduction equation

3. Steady state heat conduction

4. Heat transfer from extended surfaces

5. Transient heat conduction

6. Forced convection heat transfer

7. Free convection

8. Radiation heat transfer

9. Heat exchangers

10. Condensation and boiling

11. Mass transfer