Fluid Mechanics By Shadab Ahmad

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Publisher: Vayu Education
ISBN: 9789382174837
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Preface Anything new Anything special Does it cover UPTU syllabus of civil engineering Does it has fluid-mechanics laboratory procedures Does it has solved GATE questions of last 10 years The author has tried his best to place a positive and capital YES to each of the above questions posed by the students in Civil, Mechanical, Chemical, Electrical or Aeronautical branch belonging to a progressive engineering college in India b as Indian Institute of Technology c University Polytechnic. How has the author achieved it d A.M.I.E section new scheme. The author has the experience of teaching fluid mechanics and allied subjects at Aligarh Muslim University, Radha Govind Engineering College, Meerut and Galgotia University, Greater Noida. Through experience, contacts or otherwise, the syllabi of UPTU Civil Engineering was collected. What has emerged is indeed a decrees of fundamental topics on flow of paramount important to all engineering students.
Acknowledgement The author is thankful to Almighty and Omniscient Allah SWT for showering his countless blessings on me and Prophet Muhammad SAW for guiding me the best manners of life and for being a mercy upon the whole mankind. The author wishes to express his deep acknowledgment to his parents, especially his father who has sacrificed his whole life in educating, guiding and uplifting me to this stage of life when I have written a book. My sisters Noushi, Noori and brother-in-laws Mr. Siraj and Mr. Riaz, my brother Yusuf, my wife and my little daughter Aysha who provided an ideal book-writing atmosphere at home throughout this venture. The students whom I have taught at various institutes and for whose sake I have learnt the subject over the year at the contributors in absentia. The author acknowledge the general help received from his colleagues. Professor Verma, Professor Shahiq Khan, Professor R. Sunderasan, Professor Chandak, Prof. Nooruzzaman, Jiran Qadri. Md. Javed and Fahim Kirmani. The author wishes to express his gratitude to the Vayu Education of India for the general subsidy in the publication of the text. The publishers Dr. R. K. Jain and Dr. Mrs. Usha Rani Jain have taken keen interest in the publication. My efforts would be rewarded if the students and teachers of engineering accept this text and send their comments for further improvements
Shadab Ahmad GCET, Greater Noida Galgotia University ahmd.shadaab gmail.com
Syllabus UNIT - I Fluid and continuum, Physical properties of fluids, Rheology of fluids. Pressure-density-height relationship, manometers, pressure transducers, pressure on plane and curved surfaces, centre of pressure, buoyancy, stability of immersed and floating bodies, fluid masses subjected to linear acceleration and uniform rotation about an axis.