Engineering Mechanics (BPUT Orissa) By Dr. I.S. Gujrat

Engineering Mechanics (BPUT Orissa) By Dr. I.S. Gujrat Engineering Mechanics (BPUT Orissa) By Dr. I.S. Gujrat Sample PDF Download
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Publisher: Laxmi Publications
ISBN: 9789381159132

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  • Description
Engineering Mechanics (BPUT Orissa) By Dr. I.S. Gujrat
Book Summary:

The subject “ENGINEERING MECHANICS” is taught in the very first year of the undergraduate Engineering curriculum in almost all universities of the world. An engineering student starts learning to develop his capability to model an actual problem into an engineering problem and obtains its solution by using the fundamental principles and concepts of Engineering Mechanics Engineering problems, to a great extent, require the drawing of the free-body diagrams of the entire body and also of a small portion cut from it. Students are, therefore, advised to learn drawing of the free-body diagrams.

Audience of the Book :

[Strictly as per the Latest Syllabus Prescribed by B.P.U.T., Odisha].

The book thoroughly deals with both, Statics and Dynamics branches of Mechanics. Sufficient numbers of chapters have been included for students and teachers of various universities. The book is extremely useful for the competitive professional examinations such as GATE, IAS, IES, PCSs of all States, GRE, AMIE, etc.

Table of Contents:

1. System of Forces

2. Coplanar Parallel Force Systems

3. Centroids and Moments of Inertia

4. Friction

5. Trusses

6. Virtual Work

7. Kinematics of Rectilinear Motion

8. Dynamics of Rectilinear Motion

9. Dynamics of a Particle-Curvilinear Motion

10. Centre of Gravity and Mass Moment of Inertia

11. Curvilinear Motion and Rotation of Rigid Bodies

12. Impact or Collision of Elastic Bodies