Elements of Electronics Engineering

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Preface to the First Edition This book on Elements of Electronics Engineering includes the principles of basic electronics catering the need of first year students of MRIU and MDU. In the beginning of each chapter a brief introduction is given. The subject matter is treated in a simple manner so that concept can be understood easily. The authors have taught this course for several years. From the experience gained through useful class discussions and feedback, the lecture notes were revised time to time to improve the clarity and necessary additions were done during each teaching semester. The subject matter has thus throughly been tested in the classroom and found useful. Inclusion of section on multiple choice questions and short answer question helps the students to perform better in competitive examinations. On completion of the book Elements of Electronics Engineering we wish to acknowledge our thanks and gratitude to all those who have been associated with this work directly indirectly. Acknowledgement is due and is here by made to all the authors whose work have been consulted in the preparations of this text. Above all, we wish to thank our near and dear ones who willingly endured certain hardships as a result of our pre-occupation with this work. Our efforts in writing this book will be rewarded if the readers send their constructive suggestions to enhance the usefulness of the book. Further, we would greatfully acknowledge the contribution of the readers by way of bringing to our attention the error and printing mistakes for the improvement of this book. MREI, Faridabad
Anita Khosla Shruti Vashist Geeta Nijhawan
Charged Particles 1
Atomic Energy Level 1
Energy Bands 2
Insulators, Semiconductors and Conductors 2