Introduction To Fuzzy Sets And Fuzzy Logic

Introduction To Fuzzy Sets And Fuzzy Logic Introduction To Fuzzy Sets And Fuzzy Logic Sample PDF Download
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About The Book Introduction To Fuzzy Sets And Fuzzy Logic
Book Summary:

Reflecting the tremendous advances that have taken place in the study of fuzzy set theory and fuzzy logic, this book not only details the theoretical advances in these areas, but also considers a broad variety of applications of fuzzy sets and fuzzy logic.

This comprehensive and up-to-date text is organized in three parts. The concepts pertaining to the crisp situation such as Set Theory, Logic, Switching Function Theory and Boolean Algebra are covered in Part I of the text. Part II is devoted to fuzzy Set Theory, Fuzzy Relations and Fuzzy Logic. The applications of fuzzy set theory and fuzzy logic to Control Theory and Decision Making are designated Part III of the text.

Designed as a textbook for the undergraduate and postgraduate students of Science and Engineering, the book will also be immensely useful to practicing engineers and computer scientists.

Key Features:

Every concept has been illustrated with worked out examples.
Fuzzy concepts have been introduced as generalizations and extensions of crisp concepts.
Each chapter concludes with Problem Set and References.

Table of Contents:

How to Use This Book.
Part I:Classical Theories
1. Crisp Set Theory.
2.Propositional Logic.
3.Predicate Logic.
4.Switching Functions and Switching Circuits.
5.Boolean Algebra.
Part II: Fuzzy Theories
6.Fuzzy Set Theory.
7.Fuzzy Relations.
8.Fuzzy Logic.
Part III: Applications
9.Fuzzy Methods in Control Theory.
10.Fuzzy Methods in Decision Making.Index.