Design and Analysis of Algorithms eBook

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Publisher: ASIAN
ISBN: 9788184121681

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  • Description
Design and Analysis of Algorithms
About The Book
Design & Analysis of Algorithms are an essential part of modern computing. This book covers the fundamental concepts and solved examples to ensure the smooth flow of the subject. The extra solved examples make it very useful for student as well as teachers. The subject matter presented in this book is very simple and in a precise manner.
Fully explains the concepts of Design and Analysis of Algorithms. Highly focused on Iteration and Master Theorem to Solve the recurrences. Highly focused on Dynamic Programming, Greedy and Branch and Bound Techniques.
Table of Contents
Introduction to Algorithm
Growth Function
Merge Sort
Heap Sort
Quick Sort
Sorting in Linear Time
Medians and Order Statistics
Hash Table
Elementary Data Structures
Binary Trees, Binary Search Trees and AVL Trees
Splay Trees
Ted-Black Trees
Augmenting Data Structures
B-Trees 8 Binomial Heaps
Fibonacci Heaps
Data Structures For Disjoint Sets
Dynamics Programming
Greedy Algorithms
Amortized Analysis
Branch and Bound
Elementary Graphs Algorithms
Minimum Spanning Tree
Single-source Shortest Paths
All-pairs Shortest paths
Maximum Flow
Sorting Networks
Matrix Operations
Polynomials and The FFT
String Matching
Approximation Algorithms.