Data Structures: A Programming Approach With C

Data Structures: A Programming Approach With C Data Structures: A Programming Approach With C Sample PDF Download
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Publisher: PHI Learning
ISBN: 9788120350298
Number of Pages: 728
Edition: Second Edition
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About The Book Data Structures
Book Summary:

This well-organized book, now in its second edition, discusses the fundamentals of various data structures using C as the programming language. Beginning with the basics of C, the discussion moves on to describe Pointers, Arrays, Linked lists, Stacks, Queues, Trees, Heaps, Graphs, Files, Hashing, and so on that form the base of data structure. It builds up the concept of Pointers in a lucid manner with suitable examples, which forms the crux of Data Structures. Besides updated text and additional multiple choice questions, the new edition deals with various classical problems such as 8-queens problem, towers of Hanoi, minesweeper, lift problem, tic-tac-toe and Knapsack problem, which will help students understand how the real-life problems can be solved by using data structures. The book exhaustively covers all important topics prescribed in the syllabi of Indian universities/institutes, including all the Technical Universities and NITs.

Primarily intended as a text for the undergraduate students of Engineering (Computer Science/Information Technology) and postgraduate students of Computer Application (MCA) and Computer Science (M.Sc.), the book will also be of immense use to professionals engaged in the field of computer science and information technology.

Key Features

Provides more than 160 complete programs for better understanding.
Includes over 470 MCQs to cater to the syllabus needs of GATE and other competitive exams.
Contains over 500 figures to explain various algorithms and concepts.
Contains solved examples and programs for practice.
Provides companion CD containing additional programs for students use.

Table of Contents:


1. A Quick Overview of C Fundamentals

2. Introduction to Data Structure

3. Understanding Pointers in C

4. Recursion

5. Arrays

6. Linked List

7. Sorting

8. Strings

9. Stacks

10. Queues

11. Trees

12. Advanced Topics in Trees

13. Heap Data Structure

14. Graphs

15. Files

16. Hashing

17. Data Structure Projects